Tuesday, August 29, 2006

42 things about moi.

1. I'm an only child. I have a "little sister."
2. I LOVE milk. Really, I drink it with everything. I've been known to have pizza, beer, and milk. 3. I'm thinking of darkening my hair. I like the blue eyes, fair skin, dark hair look. I'm nervous to take this leap.
4. I love coffee shops, and the like.
5. Fall, one of my favorite seasons is almost here... and for that I am happy.
6. That being said, I love apple picking, crisp weather, sweaters, foliage, and the fall's smell in general.
7. There is a man that I work with that once got so excited when telling me a story, that he did a pirouette as he was walking away. He doesn't take ballet, he's straight and he's married, and I will forever think of this every time I see him.
8. I sleep with a teddy bear...amongst several other stuffed friends.
9. If Nevada were VT, ME, or somewhere that close, I'd move there in a heartbeat.
10. I'm getting trained Reiki I in September.
11. I don't balance my checkbook, yet I always seem to keep track of my finances. I use my debit card religiously.
12. Watching Sex and the City reruns and seeing the complexity of Carrie and Big's relationship genuinely gives me the feeling.
I'm glad they ended up together.
13. I can no longer fit the number of purses/bags I have in my closet anymore.
That being said, I'm addicted to accessories- rings, earrings, necklaces, bags, purses, shoes- you name it.
14. I go through phases where I'm legitimately scared being home alone. I don't think I'll ever grow out of it.
15. I want to go to Ireland, or London, or France. I'm dissapointed I wasn't able to study abroad during college.
16. I think about getting a kitten every day- what he/she will look like, where I'll get it, what I'll name it, where it will sleep, what it's personality will be like. It's an obsession really. I NEED a kitten... now.
17. Remember the show Degrassi High? I do, and I used to love it.
18. I miss waitressing sometimes.
19. I don't like the way I smile sometimes.
20. I love Kelly Green.
21. I think cantelope is real yummy.
22. I believe half the fun of a vacation is the anticipation of it.
23. My mom is my best friend.
24. I love waking up early on a weekend and realizing I don't have to go to work.
25. All four of my grandparents are still alive.
26. I bite my lips when I'm nervous.
27. When I'm home alone, I check under the bed, in the closets, and in the bathtub before I go to bed.
28. I love pink.
29. I guess in addition to milk, I enjoy anything dairy related.... ie. cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.
30. I have trouble keeping plants alive.
31. I take pictures constantly.
32. I do not like ants.
33. Something about the rain makes me think of ex boyfriends.
34. I'm a sucker for a Lifetime movie.
35. I like candles.
36. Men in uniform, good smelling cologne, and humor are turn ons.
37. My first kiss was in a closet.
38. I like kissing babies heads.
39. I will never have long nails.
40. I'm a Taurus.
41. I like forest green and dark purple- separate and/or together.
42. I'm tired right now and wrapping this up.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

My first.

This is my first.
"Blog" that is.

Welp, here I go. I don't know all too much about this blogging thing... but those close to me know I'm interested in writing lately and I was recently told that the only difference between writers and non-writers.... is actually writing.

So here I go.