Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Things About Me

I found this survey somewhere and thought it was different so I spent some time on it....

I Am
Easily amused, passionate, empathetic, thirsty, open minded, inquisitive, a nurturer, critical, sexual, worrisome, introspective, so much like my mother, generous, loyal, affectionate, ambitious, appreciative

I Want
To be more fulfilled in my job, a kitten, for my dad- and C to live closer, a significant other who I have amazing chemistry with and who treats me well- not one or the other, a cup of tea, a vacation, a new pair of running shoes

I Have
An amazing group of friends, a stable and secure job and apartment, a wonderful family, too many shoes that will never equal enough, blue eyes and fair skin, an overwhelming urge to go outside and enjoy the fall weather, a tendency to procrastinate, laundry to do, a sense of spiritual connection, an amazingly comfortable bed that I love climbing into, to organize better, so much love for those that I care for, to make a dentist appointment

I Wish
It were Friday, Nevada was closer to Massachusetts, sometimes that I didn't expect so much from myself (and sometimes others), my skin was flawless, my great grandmother was still alive, sometimes like I'm still in middle school- at 11:11, happiness for my loved ones, to train for and compete in a triathlon soon

I Hate
Most Mondays, really fishy fish, wearing socks and stepping in something wet, how I have clammy hands so much of the time, the sound of a fork/knife screeching on a plate, the look of snow on the side of the road when it gets dirty, waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall asleep because I can't stop thinking, that I sometimes make judgments about things/people too quickly, people that do not think of others- and only themselves, and ungratefulness, the thought that someday, I will lose my grandparents, the act of putting new sheets on my bed

I Fear
Losing a loved one, break-ins, robberies, muggings- and anything of the like, heights to some extent, that which I have no control over, loud voices, sometimes that I'm not good enough, not wearing seatbelts

I Hear
My ipod all day at work, fall leaves crackling beneath my feet outside, it's going to rain this week, acoustic music and it makes me happy, my roommate watching Jeopardy in the other room

I Search
On here, and maps on here, for new, different things to do, for humor in all situations, for the best in people, for meaning in things that there just may be none, for my favorite pair of underwear on a night I'm going on a date, for the perfect pair of jeans often when I shop, for the tiny hair clips I buy all the time and seem to lose inevitably, online for my horoscope

I Wonder
When I will get married, what my kids will look like, what I will look like 25 years from now, how lonely it must be for people who don't have any family or close friends, what my life will be like in the future, who will be the first of my best friends to get married, what it would be like to never have to worry about money at all, if I will ever feel fully comfortable with myself, what it would be like to not be an only child

I Regret
Those things which I didn't make time for, and should have, not speaking up in situations where I should have, putting forth too much energy trying to fix an unhealthy situation, times where I have been more worried about the outcome rather than embracing the here and now- living in the moment

I Love
My family, my friends, fall, milk, anticipating a vacation, cuddling, going to bookstores and coffee shops, trying new things, laughing, picking out and buying cards, planning celebrations, writing, kittens and puppies, the smell of just done laundry, the feel of my bed after a long day, waking up and realizing I don't have anything planned for that day, a good workout, the smell of good smelling cologne, a man in uniform, random acts of kindess, elderly people

I Ache
After physical therapy sometimes, in a good way-after a tough workout, when I miss someone- I can feel it all over

I Always
Say thank you, check to make sure I've unplugged my hair straightener, check my email, eat too fast, say "I love you" when I feel it, remind people of how much they mean to me, drink milk every day, obsessively check to make sure I've locked my car, wear rings

I Usually
Always treat people as I'd like to be treated, have trouble with math, pay my bills on time, remember faces but not always names, try to make people feel good, am on time-or a few minutes early, don't read the newspaper, always keep my nails short, wear contacts, think about the future, but try to live in the moment, take a lot of pictures

I Am Not
Pessimistic, a big fan of football, or basketball for that matter, totally confident with myself although I can pretend pretty well, in my profession for money, too interested in politics, good at geography, into country music

I Dance
A mean cha cha slide with my bests, with no reserve, pretty often, when I see a move on MTV that I think is cool to try to imitate it- I look like an idiot when I do this

I Sing
In the car, always to songs that remind me of college days, sometimes to hear my own voice

I Never
Wear double denim, go over 80mph intentionally, would try hard core drugs, don't get ill after drinking (hardly), make a promise I don't intend to keep, keep my eyes open during a scary movie scene, miss an episode of Grey's Anatomy

I Rarely
Go to bed without washing my face, for that matter-go to bed when I plan to, eat Thai food- but when I do I love it, go swimming anymore, floss

I Cry
When I watch A Wedding/Baby Story, to certain songs, when someone I care for cries, about things people wouldn't think I'd still be crying about, when nobody is looking, later on, after it's done

I Am Not Always
Able to put things into words (verbally) as well as I can in writing, able to articulate my concerns or thoughts as clearly as I'd like to in a conversations or especially during confrontation, good at taking my own advice, paying attention when I should be

I Lose
When I try to play pool, or darts, socks- a lot, my checkbook sometimes, track of time when I'm with my friends, pens

I'm Confused
About astrology, when I think too much about setting the clocks back or ahead

I Miss
M & D living with us, Sex & the City, certain things about being in a relationship, C, college life at times, home cooked meals by my mom, being a part of a team sport, when I used to not have a car payment

I Need
To write in my journal more often, to buy stamps, to get a new toothbrush, to think of what I'm going to pack for my trip to Miami, to do more things that make me feel good, to update my resume, to blog more consistently, an oil change, a new winter coat

I Should
Floss more, write more, take a class for the hell of it, make more collages, write down things when I think of them- so I'll actually remember them, use my debit card less, budget more, be more confident in myself, finish books that I start, get more rest, organize my pictures


Beth said...

I am SO stealing this for my next post lol.

I was just thinking how I have nothing good to write at the moment, and here this is!

Anonymous said...

cool survey, i might use it too.okay?

brookem said...

YES- I'd love to see both of yours! :)

brooke alexandra said...

Hello Brooke. I have recently started reading your blogs...I'm hooked. This post was great, I loved it. Hope you don't mind if I borrow the survey for my own blog?

jeorg said...

this is an awesome post!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brooke, where'd you get the survey. I gotta have it!

Buffy said...

Kittens scare me. I'm always afraid I'm gonna sit on one and break it.

nicoleantoinette said...

I totally agree with all of your "I shoulds." It would be so fun to do something, especially taking a class, just for the hell of it.

I love this post.