Monday, October 30, 2006

things that make me happy/smile/feel good, etc.

I don't have anything all too interesting to write about today... so I'll use today to post some things that make me happy. That way I'll have something to reference when I'm feeling in a funk or need a boost.

~Things That Make Me Smile~
-acoustic music/guitar
-straight hair with no waves
-visiting with my mom
-a phone call from a different time zone
-finding an old bday card, with money in it
-the feel of my bed with fresh sheets on it
-an impomtu visit from M, from maine, for the weekend
-clean dishes out of the dishwasher
-a tall glass of milk
-stuffed animals with a past story
-leaving work on a friday evening
-a new pair of shoes
-the smell after it rains
-an unexpected phone call
-or email
-and even better, a handwritten something
-finding out I didn't go over in my cell phone minutes
-Buy One Get One at Payless
-red lipstick with T
-having a 40 minute drive to and from work all to myself
-fall, and October/November
-a yummy martini from Tempo
-warm, homemade bread
-uniformed men
-candle-lit rooms
-waking up early on the weekend but feeling rested
-people watching
-rehashing stories from college
-D & J's relationship, happiness, and committment to each other
-a fresh pedicure
-updating my ipod
-yummy smelling shampoo
-a little sunburn
-thinking about 6S
-fitting into a smaller size
-our heart tattoos
-a towel just out of the drier
-an overdue haircut
-the butterfly feeling from someone new
-Joshua Radin songs
-Lake Tahoe
-the sound of the ocean
-having no plans, free time
-long weekends
-a good workout
-success & good fortune of my friends
-blue mascara
-a good Lifetime movie
-working hard for something and seeing the results
-hugs, cuddling
-just being, doing nothing, and being more than okay with it
-having the most amazing best friends
-looking at pictures from the night before
-taking pictures for that matter, and organizing them, sending them, doing things with them
-new undies from VS
-Grey's Anatomy
-holding a baby
-having my hair played with/brushed
-new body lotions

These are just a select bunch. Luckily there's a gazillion more, which I guess is a good thing compared to not being able to think of any. I'll let this list be for a while.


brooke alexandra said...

I have to say that 75 percent of your list also makes me happy. Silly me, believing I was the only one to enjoy haveing their hair cut.

brookem said...

I looove getting my hair done!

brooke alexandra said...

I may be completely dumb, but I cannot find your email address on your page. I'm sure it's starring me right in the face, but that still doesn't change the fact that I don't see it.

Buffy said...

VS really IS great. But nto as great as fitting into a smaller size. :)