Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The rest of "about moi"

Here's 58 more, to make 100 in the list...

43. I prefer to use an old fashion paper agenda type book rather than a techy PDA.

44. I am very good at keeping in touch with people. I like to write random letters, send out of the blue cards, and emails.

45. My mom and I always leave singing messages back and forth on our voicemails. Our favorite is You Are My Sunshine.

46. I hate the smell of it, I hate to DRAIN it, but I love tuna fish straight from the can.

47. People in my family have a long life expectancy. I’m still close with my great-grandmother’s sister, who is 98. She still takes aerobics classes.

48. I’ve seen John Mayer in concert I think, 7 times.

49. I really value my independence.

50. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I think Christmas has become too commercialized.

51. I have a real, like I’m back in third grade, pen-pal.

52. I wear mostly all silver jewelry. I have one gold diamond necklace that my mom gave me with the diamond from the engagement ring from my dad. They’ve since divorced, and this necklace is really special to me.

53. I used to have a fantasy of making out in the pouring rain. It finally came true.

54. I am very selective in what kind of deodorant I use.

55. I look forward to having children very much. I know I want more than one, maybe 2 or 3.

56. Peanut m&m’s are my downfall. I think it’s a family thing.

57. I make sure that every room in my apartment is clean and picked up. Except for my room. I have trouble keeping my bedroom organized.

58. I have always wanted to work at a grocery store. I used to play supermarket with my great grandmother, ringing up her items on a fake cash register. I love cash registers. I often think of getting a part time job as a cashier, just for the hell of it.

59. I love Italian subs, with hots please.

60. I don’t have any siblings. I do have an “almost sister,” and three or four close friends that are like sisters to me.

61. I don’t know whether I really believe or not that guys like it when girls make the first move.

62. I have a long history of worrying way too much about what people think.

63. It gets tiring sometimes, making sure that everyone is happy and content. This is my own doing though, and typically I enjoy it. It’s when I neglect to pay mind to my own happiness that it gets tiring.

64. My first love is still in the back of my mind. That doesn’t mean I want to get back together with him, it just means the relationship was very meaningful.

65. I miss swimming. Competitively, recreationally, teaching it, lifeguarding- all aquatic things related, I miss.

66. I check my email sometimes a little obsessively. I get so excited when I receive real mail.

67. I love the smell of new books, newspapers, and magazines.

68. I wear six rings on my fingers. They are all silver.

69. I enjoy going places alone. I value alone time as much as spending time with others.

70. I don’t like leaving people alone. This has been something that’s been hard for me since childhood. I remember, as a young child, worrying about my dad when he was home alone.

71. Pomegranates remind me of D. I never had one until sharing one with her. I also like pomegranate martinis.

72. I have been told that my blue eyes and my smile are my best physical features.

73. In a relationship, I need to be with someone who has his own interests, hobbies, and friends, outside of us together. And I need to be able to maintain my own independence. I would dig dating a guy that plays the guitar.

74. I am still very close with the family of my dad’s ex-girlfriend. Her daughter is the almost sister, and her son is one of my best friends. They are all wonderful.

75. I love winter hats, scarves, mittens, and gloves.

76. There are people in the blog world that I wish I knew in real life.

77. I have gone back and forth about thinking it would be cool to be on The Real World, and thinking I could never do it. The idea of "7 strangers, picked to live in a house, work together and have their lives taped, to find out what happens, when people stop being polite, and start getting real" intrigues me. Living with 6 other people, in a new place, in a sweet house, sounds pretty sweet. Everything on camera? Notsomuch.

78. I really like Morgan Freeman, and the movie Shawshank Redemption.

79. I miss the show Felicity. I remember watching it with my mom in high school and us talking about that being me one day, away at college. That seems like so long ago now in a way, but in others, only yesterday.

80. I want to get married in the fall. I don’t do well in the wicked heat, and hate humidity. I went to a really pretty wedding in October one time; it confirmed my plan. Hopefully my future husband will agree with this.

81. I miss peanut butter and fluff sandwiches. I remember in middle school, they had them in the cafeteria and they were made with three pieces of bread, tons of fluff, and the creamiest PB ever. I loved them.

82. I prefer my jelly with the preserves. I like raspberry the best.

83. I used to love watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I still do.

84. I can usually fall asleep pretty easily if I don’t have a lot on my mind. I doze often, and catch myself nodding my head. Oops.

85. I LOVE my digital camera, making collages, sending pictures to friends- everything picture related, I love.

86. I’m thinking it could be cool to take a photography class. Or a cooking class.

87. It takes a while for my hair to dry. When I blow dry it, it takes a long time, and when I wear it up in a clip, still by night time, it’s not dry.

88. I once hit a possum driving home from a bar in college. It ran out in front of the road, and my friends and I screamed, drove back to check on it, and it was gone.

89. I really think Omar Epps from Love and Basketball, Alfie, and House is attractive.

90. I regularly check my horoscope. I don’t know how much truth there is in that stuff, and I know they are made to be pretty general, but I usually end up believing them.

91. I love TLC’s Wedding, Baby, and Dating stories. Oh, and Perfect Proposal. I remember when I used to have the time to watch them in college. I miss that.

92. I prefer Gin to Vodka, Whiskey to (most) Rum, and beer to wine.

93. I get really clammy hands, a lot of the time. Everyone who is close to me knows this. I used to be really embarrassed about it, now I just laugh at it. Sucks, but it’s not going to change.

94. I love surprises and surprising. Surprise notes, visits, packages, letters, all of the like.

95. I will generally let people go who are waiting to pull out of a street, or are trying to merge into traffic. I would want someone to do the same for me.

96. I believe in the Buddhist idea of Karma, and that we reap what we sow.

97. I love fleece. I have a new fleece scarf that I love, multiple fleece jackets, and blankets.

98. I am good at remembering faces, but not names. I hate when this happens.

99. I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends, I consider myself so very blessed (is this already on the list? if so, who cares, they deserve all the mention in the world).

100. I have been known to pee my pants from laughing so hard.


brooke alexandra said...

51. - Me too, do you think that's a coincidence?
56. - I hate peanuts and I don't much care for chocolate, but I love Peanut M&M's.
65. - I'm a fish out of water.
89. - THANK YOU!

brookem said...

It might be a coincidence, ha!
89- you agree?! Yessss.

Beth said...

I really need to re-do my 100 things post. I had one and then took it down because I'd changed a lot since I'd originally done it a year ago!

Another maybe post for the future.

Great stuff by the way - these lists give a really good insight into peoples foibles, which are always the most interesting part!

Buffy said...

Thanksgiving use to be my favourite too...for the same reason.

But I cooked for thirty odd this year. And it killed me.

I'm back to being a Christmas girl now.

Melissavina said...

We have a lot in common. I feel the same way about jelly and preserves, fleece, and Karma!