Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fish, part II...

Well I've given it some more thought and have decided to mind B's fish while she's gone. I think it will be a good thing. She's on her way over here now, with the tank, 30 fish, and a piece of furniture to house this thing on. I'm actually kind of looking forward to this endeavor now.

I also just spoke to Mr. Landlord about a kitty. He said he needs to check with wife, who is "pretty set against it." His explanation was that she thinks cats are messy with their litter?, and that it will make for a lot of litter (not sure if he meant kitty litter, or actual trash-litter? I don't personally use the word "litter" for trash- I think it's an older generation thing)... ANYway! Mr. Landlord also wanted to know what kitty would do all day? I think it would be just fine, and, aren't cats like the cleanest animals ever? My kitty won't be getting litter everywhere, and you can be damn sure if he/she does, that I'll be cleaning it up. I don't see the issue here? So Mr. Landlord said he didn't mind, but he needs to check with wife.
I'm reallllly keeping my fingers crossed for this one as I've been trying to remain hopeful about idea of kitty for quite some time.

Nothing else really going on. I just put the heat on in here for the first time and the radiators are making some noises; I guess that's normal. I think I'm coming down with a cold or something... which never happens to me. I'm stuffy and headachy and keep sneezing.

I just need 30 fish and a kitten to make it all better.

OH!- got the tattoo on Saturday and it came out pretty sweet. We each had a different dude doing our's.... I ended up having the grouchiest, totally no response one out of them all. He was totally disinterested in any small talk I tried to make. Oh well, whatever. It looks good and we finally did it. Maybe when I get a little more savvy with this thing I can learn to post a picture or something?

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