Friday, September 15, 2006

Certain Reasons

Mr. Landlord called me back later the other night only to say: "we talked it over, and the answer is no".... apparently there are "certain reasons" that they don't want us to get a cat, and because they "stuck to their guns" when they showed the place to other potential tenants who had small pets and said no, they need to do the same now. Mr. Landlord did make sure to make it clear- three times during the conversations between when I first asked him on the front steps coming in, and over the phone call afterwards that he, in fact, is okay with a cat, but his wife doesn't want one. So he has no say, basically?
Obviously wife doesn't like cats... as anyone who knows cats, likes them, has them, whatever... just knows, they aren't "messy" and are in fact, pretty clean pets! They sleep all day so any reason she mentioned is just silly. Bottom line obviously just boils down to her not liking the poor little kitty who could have been living with me by now.
Wicked sucks. I'm totally disappointed since I've been wanting a kitty forEVER! Oh well, maybe when I meet the man of my dreams and we move in together, he'll approve of a kitty. Actually, it might just need to be a pre-requisite now for date-able men. "Doesn't mind cats."

Well, on a happier note... fishies are all in and doing well. We've had only one casualty since they've come to my apartment. There are two little baby fish hanging out though, so that kind of makes up for the loss. They're cute and they hang by the heater.

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At least it's the weekend. THANK GOD. The weeks just seem to drag too sloooow, and the weekends go by too fast. Unfortunately, I've come down with a yucky cold and I'm feeling all stuffy, headachy, etc. And it's cloudy and gloomy-like today. That doesn't make for a great combo... so- tonight I plan to veg at home with T, a bottle of wine, and season 1 of Lost. I guess I'd like to get into that show since everyone talks about it and says how great it is? Season 3 starts next week, I think, and T got the season 1 DVD's from a friend at work, so I guess it works out that I'm not feeling so hot and it's gross out- at least it's Friday and we have 3 disks of DVD's to watch.

I miss my mom.


nomadic gnome said...

I miss my mom, too.
I don't miss my 3 cats, however. 3 cats is waaay to many when you have 2 litter boxes that stink up the laundry room.
Cats are also pretty easy to sneak into houses without Landlords finding out.

lainey said...

Just want to say hi...I'm a fellow "Boston-ish" resident too. Lost is awesome! I wish I had watched it all at once (on DVD) rather than waiting through to season. Especially Season 2.

lainey said...

Me again...I don't really have any tips for you. Just have fun with your blog. Sometimes they get to feel like a bit of a burden but I can't seem to give it up because I love the blogger community that I've found here. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Howdy! Got here from Lainey's blog (see above comments).

I'm a dog person, but don't mind cats. Except that my dog likes to eat the ones that wander into our back yard.

As for blogging, if you're looking to simply write something for yourself, keep up the good work. If you want to build a circle of friends, I'd recommend finding a few blogs you like, commenting often, and then delving into their blog rolls to see who they read. Once you are out there, you'll find people knocking on your virtual door just to say hey.

- Texas T-bone

Victoria said...

Two reasons why anyone would refuse to allow a tenant to own a cat. Spraying and clawing the walls. It's that simple. Not all cats do the spraying, but please introduce me to a cat that's never tried to sharpen their claws (imaginary or otherwise). When it comes to the spraying though, here's the sad just don't know which ones "won't" do it. Now, here's the bad stinks. I think it's the most awful smell next to skunks. I can honestly say which would win the contest for worse smell. The cats urine, for the simple fact that it has staying power. Once in it never leaves (Skunk smell can be removed with tomato juice as far as I know). Forget cleaning it, just throw it out. The afghan you forgot to pick up off the floor, don't head to the washer, head to the trash. I have found that a lot of people are under the misconception that males are the only ones that spray. I'm here to tell you that is a myth. Females also mark their territories, but they go one better than the males. They also like to "announce" their presence. How better for a male to find them? Most cats you can fix by "fixing" them, some you can't. Not all landlords are willing to take that chance. We took in a stray that started doing the spraying thing. She nows lives in a very VERY nice private adoption center for stray cats. I feel very optimistic that she will find a good home with people who can afford to fork out $200 to fix her problem.
By the way, I'm a cat lover. Just giving up 2 very strong reasons against owning cats. Dogs can be just as big a problem, that's where I feel that landlords are being discriminative. "No cats, but you can have a dog." That's just wrong.

brookem said...

I would have had the kitty fixed.
Good points though. Still doesn't make me want one any less however!
Oh well, some day....