Wednesday, November 08, 2006

on pause.

I cannot, no matter how hard I've tried these past couple of days, think of something really worth writing about. Something that I would be interested in reading in one of my daily blog visits. The more I think about what I could write, the more insignificant anything I might have to say feels. But it's been a week. And I'd like to post more often than once a freakin week! Oh well... I'll come back soon, and I know soon enough I'll think of something. Not yet though... right now I guess I'm just at a blog stand-still.


brooke alexandra said...

You are not at a blog stand-still, you are trying too hard. Don't make writing a difficult and painful experience, you should enjoy it. You can blog about anything; your morning routine, work, trip home from work, dinner...ANYTHING...just keep writing. Sorry, this was supposed to be an encouraging pep-talk, and it turned into this, whatever "this" is.

brookem said...

that's okay brooke, it's helpful. i know i need to do it. i will.