Wednesday, December 06, 2006

forever always seems to be around when things begin

There are days, times, moments, when I get totally into lyrics. Consumed with googling them, rewinding them, playing songs on repeat to hear them, memorizing them. Yeah, I'd say its almost an obsession. I try to find songs that fit my particular mood that day or what I'm thinking or feeling at the time. Almost always I can depend on Damien Rice or Joshua Radin to do the trick. Lately it's been Ray Lamontagne, Imogen Heap, Rachel Yamagata, or Kate Havnevik. Often it could be Norah Jones, Coldplay, Dido, or Snow Patrol. Recently Ryan Adams and Cary Brothers and Joe Purdy. Used to be more John Mayer and Ben Harper... sometimes it still is. It's just funny how some songs, some lyrics, totally sink in and I find myself remembering them, literally, years later. I remember during my freshmen year of college, replaying Ben Harper's Forever... over and over. I remember how I felt at the time when I was listening to it; I remember the room I was in when I heard it, how I felt when I saw him in concert playing it that year. And now, all that, those memories, they all rush back when I hear it on my ipod on or the radio, today, years later. Those lyrics, that feeling I got then, I still remember it so clearly, today, still.
Interesting how certain lyrics and songs can bring us back to certain times, memories, relationships, places, etc. Just random, Just interesting.


brooke alexandra said...

I honestly believe there is a song for every feeling, emotion, memory, thought, look, and day. Just like certain smells, songs can trigger past people, places, and events.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brooke, long time no see! Happy Holidays. I feel the same way about music. Actually, I have synesthesia...when hearing sounds, you can taste, see, smell and feel them. Perfectly weird and just..wel...perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't stop listening to Ray. My boyfriend has threatened to kill me, espcially because I have threatened to run off with him. But someday I will hear one of those songs and remember this time.

probitionate said...

I hear ya.
The soundtrack of my life right now is 'Ghost Stories' by Chantal Kreviazuk. I think I've played it about forty times since I got hold of it. And if I look back over the past five 'interesting' years, if it wasn't Tori I was listening to, it was Kate York, Krista Detor, Rachael Yamagata, Anna Nalick (the list goes on...and on...) with particular songs (and their lyrics) providing the musical accompaniment to whatever was unfolding at the time. What deep -and abiding- connections these are.