Wednesday, February 14, 2007

these thoughts are not foolish

In this one you are contemplating something. You have to be, right? Your eyes are telling a story here. I just don't know what the theme is, exactly. I can't pinpoint it. I am sure that you are happy though; I can sense that. You look very comfortable, and content. Your body language is saying that you are at ease. You are sitting beside your best friend. Your eyes in this picture... you look like you've got a story to tell. What is it?

I wish I was there when this picture was taken. What were you doing at the time it was taken, or right before? You aren't flashing a full smile, but you look so happy. And pretty. Do you know that you have that capability? To just sit there, and maybe without noticing that a picture is being taken of you, or without a big grin even, you look remarkably beautiful, just being there?

Your eyes tell a story and I wonder what it is. I can sense all that I have mentioned, but I have so many questions, still. Where was this taken? Who took it? I think that I own that same exact jacket, another similarity we share among a thousand others. Where did you get it? How did you feel when that picture was taken?

You mailed this picture to me. In the real mail, with a letter you had handwritten me. Since then, I've seen many other pictures of you. It is this picture though, my friend, that sticks out in my mind. When I think of you, this is the image that comes to my mind. It is the first picture I ever saw of you. It's what I "picture," when I get a letter from you in the mail, an email, a text message, or a phone call.

There's a saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words." Well this picture is no exception. Seeing this picture, after corresponding with you for several months, gave me such a good feeling inside. I can't even really describe it in the words that would be able to capture the emotion that I feel when I look at it. When I first saw that picture, I could tell that you were kind, and warm. Happy and intelligent. Fashion savvy and confident. Humorous and easygoing. Content and at ease. You seemed, back then, like someone I would be friends with, in real life. We started out as penpals, but I honestly believe we have developed a friendship that will last a lifetime. Although we have never met in real life, I wait in eager anticipation for that day. We will have the best time together. I just know this. I can tell, based on that one picture of you. We were destined to be friends.


brooke alexandra said...

Meg, this I don't know what to say. Really, I love it.

PeeJ said...

I know all too well the effect that one single photograph can have. It alters your perception of someone, if you have previously only known them by how they talk and how they write - when you finally see a photo it adds the last dimension, the last piece of the puzzle to your mental image, your internal holographic projection of what you believe they will be like when you finally see them in the flesh.

From recent experience, I can only say that if you feel like that about a 2D representation of someone, you are in for one hell of a rollercoaster ride when you finally get to flesh them out in 3D and look into their eyes for the first time, see them move, see the animation of their hands and the way their mouth moves when they speak. It just about blows your socks off.


Aaron said...

Actually.. this picture was worth approximately 470 words. However, had you posted the picture, I'm sure the guys could have made up the difference in comments. :P

brookem said...

Brooke- :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Peej- I love this: "your internal holographic projection of what you believe they will be like when you finally see them in the flesh"-- sounds like you have a good blog story here?

Aaron- leave it to you to count the number of words in this post ;) I'd need specific permission to post it. Maybe she'll let me. What "guys?"

PeeJ said...

"sounds like you have a good blog story here?"

One day, perhaps...


e.b. said...

nice and very interesting - i have seen this or a similar writing exercise before.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post!

I kind of have one image of people too, when I think of them I "see" them in one time/place/setting...

Natasha said...

Hey. Pictures do say a thousand words, I have had experience with that.
I posted a new entry (finally) in mine so go check it out.

"Sex in the Little City"


perturbed_squirrel_chaser said...

I love the way you write, so beautiful.