Friday, October 27, 2006


It was 9:30pm, we had just found out that Grey's Anatomy was a freakin REPEAT, and we were craving milk. Milk, and a chocolate dessert. Out of milk, we decided to hit Store 24. We were already in our after-work, lounging around the apartment, comfy outfits, but we were just going to Store 24, so what did it matter? Further more, and we decided this upon taking the right into the convenience store parking lot, what we were wearing wouldn't phase us for hitting the bar down the street either.

Me: "I could really go for a beer right now. I have no qualms about walking into a bar in this outfit."
T: "Me neither."
Me: "Wanna?"
T: "Yup."

So we pulled straight out of the parking lot, headed down a couple blocks, and b-lined it into Joe Sent Me in our pajamas. Straight up. We were both wearing the same grey fleece pants, the same clogs (BOGO from Payless), I was in a glasses, a thermal shirt and a wool sweater, and she was in a Martha's Vineyard sweatshirt. And we had absolutely no reserve about it. We knew what the scene would be. Mostly college kids, a few random older men, etc. We just wanted a couple brewskis, to get our milk, and move on.

I've said it before and I'll say it again- it's these times- these random, unplanned, spur of the moment events that I will forever remember. It's during so many of these on a whim moments that I have had the most fun, the most laughs, and the most memories.

We're walking towards the door to the bar, and I trip. I fall, face forward, towards the door, luckily gaining enough composure to stop myself before going face down. And I'm not the type, one of those people to try and play something like this off. No way in hell would I let a friend of mine get away with that without some comment (first I'd make sure if they're okay), but you can be damn sure that we're going to laugh about it. People that trip and just keep on walking like NOTHING happened are silly to me. I saw it. You know it happened, you know that I saw you do it. Just acknowledge the humor of it, come on! So I did, she did... and so did Frosty, the guy outside smoking who we later made buddies with. He saw I was okay, and then he laughed. He should! He made some joke out of it, after checking to see what the hell I had done, and we went inside.

Talk about a freakin random crowd! We stuck out. We were in a townie bar, filled with college kids, hockey on big screen tvs, darts, beer, a magician (yeah, that's right), and then us. Us, two blonds standing by the bar, slugging back a couple Coors Lights, in our jammies basically, and having no reserve about it.

We met up with Frosty (my buddy who laughed at me at the door) right after beer number two. The. Friendliest. Guy. Ever. What a good hearted guy! Totally down to earth, funny, kind, and really genuine. Him AND his buddies in tow. You can imagine my amusement when I found out he works for the fire department. Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE a man in uniform. Totally does it for me. I'm still into policemen, but lately... it's firemen that have been catching my eye. I could go on forever about my excitement on this topic, but I'll stop here.

We talked to Frosty, his brother, and a few other guys for the next two hours. Lots of laughs were had, beers were drank, "a fireman's schedule" was taught (and questioned, in detail by myself). I now know that firemen work on an 8 day week, an 8 week schedule. I know that if they take a day off, they have a week off. I know they typically work two 24 hour shifts. I know they often have other jobs on the side. Landscaping, painting, taxi driving, concession selling/vending. I know now even more that I'm interested in a fireman- if not just for the uniformed appeal, for the genuine good nature of these guys, their humor, their laid back way, their schedule!?, etc.

So yeah, the night was just another one of those really random, but so much fun excursions. We couldn't have planned that. Let's go out to get milk and end up meeting the town fire department and getting the scoop on the young fireman that I've been scoping out on my way home lately? (that's a story for another day) You just can't plan this stuff! And really... I wouldn't want to. It's times like these that I have found to be the best memories ever.


Anonymous said...

That's a fun story! Random nights are the best!

brooke alexandra said...

Oh, how I needed this post! I swear, I think we were separated at sound and live just like ME. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face, yet again. And p.s. HELL YES, I'm definitely up for a pen pal.