Friday, October 06, 2006


I had just had a swig of my beer and we were talking about how the bouncer had a strong resemblance to my ex boyfriend. We were at the same bar that this same ex boyfriend had gotten pissed at one night when we were all out for a friend's birthday, and he peaced out, angry and drunk. Too many flashbacks.
We're standing at the bar, two of the dressiest girls there even though we were only in work clothes, and in comes a fairly good looking, Italian guy, with tattoos. He says that his friends are in the other room, and the one friend he was in this part of the bar with just "turned gay." He downs his beer and buys another. We find out he's in town for 29 more hours, but that he could extend it another 7 hours if it was necessary. I wasn't interested in him, like that, but he was amusing us for the time being, so we went with it. He says that while he's in town, he wants to get laid. Pretty.Blunt. He says he's just being honest, to which I congratulate him on. Hey, he's putting it out there right? I'm not interested but who knows, maybe some other chic might dig that sort of thing.
The three of us sip our beers, we're not talking, I catch my roommate noticing a guy with a name tag on his back, and I have to force myself not to laugh. Italian guy with tattoos is looking at us, and we're not talking. So naturally, what other normal way to get the conversation to flow, he asks us:
"So, what are your goals in life?"
WHAT? Did he seriously just ask us that? Maybe after the third or fourth DATE that would be accepted, but now? After 10 minutes, after you just told us you want to get laid? You want to know what our goals are?
She and I take another sip of our beers and kind of laugh. He doesn't. He's serious. He says so, and that he wants to know. I look away. Back at the bouncer that reminds me of my ex. (He's bigger than my ex, he has tattoos all over his arms. He's a badass version of my ex). So I hear her telling him some of her goals. I know these goals already; she's my best friend. But she doesn't talk about these very often, who does? And you certainly aren't expecting to be divulging them to Mr. Italian at the bar after work. She's sweet and sincere when she's sharing them. He nods, he's interested. He nods like he agrees, like he understands her and really knows her after 14 minutes at the bar. He turns to me and wants to know my goals now. "Short term or long term?" I say. "Long term." he eagerly replies. He's into this conversation. Like he's mentally keeping track of our goals in life.
So I humor him, tell him some of my goals about family and career... similar to what she said. He asks how many kids I want to have, and-icantbelieve this goal conversation is still going on- I say 2, or 3... he nods again, like he agrees. "Anything else?" he says? "Yeah, and I want to hook up with a man in uniform. Preferably a police officer or fireman. But that's more of a short term goal." I say. He smirks. Shit, what have I gotten myself into? "Do you wear a uniform?" I say, hoping to God he doesn't. I'm asking him a question that I can tell he wants to answer. He's got the look on like he's going to give me some really good answer. "Not for my job. But I can wear one for fun." And he nudges me. And I swig my beer. And he smirks, again. He's giddy. He would wear a uniform for me, or for her. He'd do it tonight, because he wants to g et laid.
The rest of the story isn't even worth telling because nothing else really happened. Things kinda fizzled after that deeper than should ever happen over a beer when I first meet you conversation did. We met his friend who just came out, he was nice. They were leaving and Mr. Italian wanted us to go with him. No thanks.
And this whole encounter makes me wonder- do things like this only happen to my roommate and I? There are sooo many more encounters we've had with guys where I'm left thinking, wondering, dumbfounded and baffled. Mr. Italian was cute, he was nice and in general, the encounter wasn't bad. It was actually pretty funny. Just something so appropriate to happen to us. Definition of us. A guy asking us what our goals are? Wow.
I wonder if he got laid last night. I hope he did, he was just being honest for Christ's sake!


Thomas said...

I love being the first comment. Btw, hi from Seattle.

Beth said...

I end up trapped in conversations like that too. The ones where you find yourself thinking "I only said hi...I wonder what that person thought I said, because I didn't ask for this sort of conversation!!"

Perhaps his reason for asking your goals was that he shared his with you!

But then with crazy people like that you can never really tell.

Anonymous said...

heh. at least he was good for some blogging material.

brookem said...

thomas-hi back!
beth- thanks for stopping by! he asked us our goals first!!
1 peanut- it's so cool to see you here! thanks for being supportive of my blog efforts!

Joy said...

Hey Brooke, it's okay. At least you too were amused. Great blog!