Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Note From:

Those that know me well know that I am a card person. I love sending them, for any, and all occasions. For no occasions. Just because. I could spend hours in the card aisles at CVS. Oh, and put me in the Paper Store? In heaven. Cardsmart, where all cards are 50% off? Can't get enough of it. Picking out cards for a certain event, and stocking up on cards to have on hand. It's totally my thing.

There's something about a handwritten note, something delivered via snail mail, to someone's door, that they physically have to open with their own two hands. Something tangible. That you can save in a special place for as long as they want (and if you're me, I have cards saved from years ago... I have trouble letting that stuff go). It's different than an email, a phone call, a voicemail, or text. It's random and it's unexpected. And yet, it's so very simple.

Two of my best friends, who happen to be siblings, have two of the sweetest, most adorable, precious grandparents I've known. I'm close with them, and have come to know them well over the years. Their grandmother has been dealing with some health issues lately, so since then, I have been sending her notes more regularly. Just checking in, thinking of you type of notes and cards. We talk on the phone now and then, and she is always so appreciative of the cards I send, saying how thankful she is. This totally gets me. Gets me in the way that I feel totally full with love for this precious couple.

But what really got me... what I actually carry around in my purse now, is a note I got from their grandfather recently:

Dear Meg:
Thank you for your card.
You will never know how much she appreciates it.
Thank you.

Totally got me. I know, it's so short and simple.... but it says so much. It's so meaningful. I get so much pleasure out of sending these cards, but to hear and see how much it means to someone else like that, it just really made me smile.

And that feels good.


Anonymous said...

Hi, i read ggrl genius, this fish, and ari too. I'v e seen you there a couple times.

Don't you love when you realize that doing something because it makes yourself feel good, also makes other people feel good?

Joy said...

I love "The Fish" and "Tiny Kingdom". Hey Brooke, it's Joy (duuuh). So glad I came to your blog. I'm ALWAYS in Boston. My boyfriend lives there for now. It's like a second home for me. We're in Fenway. Maybe next time I'm there, we can meet!

YOu know I love sending notes and cards of any kind, electronic or snail. I just get a satisfaction of surprising someone with it. I've been doing this since a child.

You're doing such a great thing and yes, you will never know how much you card means to them both. At their age, it's all about the thought, not so much the gift and it says a lot about you!

brookem said...

Hi GG's! Thanks for stopping by! Peanut- I totally love that feeling, yes.
Joy- that's sweet you live right near Boston. Definitely will have to grab a drink sometime. :)

Joy said...

Hey Brooke. I'm a Taurus too so I know EXACTLY what you mean, whatever it is lol.

brooke alexandra said...

I cannot believe it, I’m a card whore too! I have boxes full of cards I've received from people, and boxes full of cards that I've bought for no reason at all, other than I HAD to have it. I figured the right occasion would eventually arise. I have a birthday card from my dad, the only one he ever bought and signed himself (usually my mom just signed for the both of them). I was 11 years old, and I'll keep it forever.