Sunday, July 01, 2007

more than you ever wanted to know...

Another chance to learn more about moi! Try and hold back your excitement. Beth tagged me and I'm going for it.
What were you doing 10 years ago?
I think I was a Sophomore in high school at the time? Probably at that point still rocking out the grunge look. Cords and birks or those famous clogs of the time, earthy tones, and some type of wool sweater. Oh, and definitely a hemp necklace. That I made myself. Quite a fashion statement.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
It wasn't too much of a change from today. I was getting used to a new apartment, and a new car. I think it was around this time last year that I went away for one of the best weekends ever to NH with my best friends.

Five snacks you enjoy:
1-- Almonds
2-- Humus/Tabouli and pita bread
3-- Cheetos
4-- String cheese
5-- Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Five songs you know all the lyrics to:
1-- Message in a Bottle- The Police
2-- Just Another Day (Without You)- John Secada
3-- Plush- Stone Temple Pilots
4-- Lucky Star- Madonna
5-- Walk Away- Ben Harper

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1-- Stop renting and buy a house
2-- Pay off Sallie Mae.
3-- Invest? Because that seems like the right thing to do?
4-- Take my family on a relaxing trip somewhere
5-- Travel.

Five bad habits:
1-- Biting my lips, often when I'm nervous. Sometimes when I'm just plain bored.
2-- Leaving everything to the last minute
3-- Getting sucked into a good Lifetime, and staying up way later than I should
4-- Not putting my laundry away
5-- Eating too fast

Five things you like doing:
1-- Spending a good chunk of time in a bookstore and café
2-- Obviously, people watching
3-- Writing, and pilates
4-- Drinking chocolate milk, sending cards
5-- Taking self-enrichment type classes, and going to the beach

Five things you would never wear again:
1-- A hypercolor tee shirt
2-- Double Denim. Horrid.
3-- One of those embroidered vests. You know, that are fabric-y in the front, and silk in the back? And holy hell, I think they even tie. Wow. I was bringing sexy back big time when I busted out that fashion statement in 6th grade. H-O-T.
4-- Hot pink stirrup pants. Unless of course I am going to an 80's party.
5-- A scrunchie.

Five favorite toys:
Hmm… this is a tough one. I don't have many toys, toys. I'm pulling this out of my ass:
1-- My ipod.
2-- Hair straightener?
3-- XM radio
4-- Rapozo, our fake, breathing kitty. Meow!
5-- My digital camera

Here's a couple pictures of Cosmo, who likes blogging as much as me...


Airam said...

Wow you can fit all those toys in your ass!?!?!?! Now that's talent!!


(me being a ball-breaker)

Have fun on your date tonight!!!

brookem said...

oh airam! this is why i love you. good comeback lady!
and i played it safe with these kind of toys. i could have talked about you know, other? kinds, but this is a family friendly post.

and thank you for your well wishes on the date. im drinking a glass of wine right now in prep. because this is how i roll.

ARM said...

Oh my goodness! Cosmo is soo damn cute.

Ok, I had a hemp necklace. That I made myself, too. A few of them. Going to Euphoria (the "tobacco" shop) was one of my favorite places to go and pick up hemp, beads, and sweet hippie t-shirts.

You like Tabouli (tabbouleh?)? It's the only Syrian food that I will eat. My husband's family is part Syrian and they have traditional Syrian meals when the whole family gets together. The tabouli salad and the pita bread is the only shit I'll eat there.

I bite my lips all the time, too, when I'm anxious or yeah - bored. It drives my husband nuts.

Hypercolor t-shirts. Holy hell. What were we thinking?? I want to see the picture of you with the vest because I'm betting that you took your school picture in this outfit, right?

Ok, I'll only comment on those points for now. Have a great day! And date!

Bre said...

Awww! Cosmo looks like a superb blogger! :)

brandy said...

HYPERCOLOR! Thank God you thought of the name. I reference those t-shirts but always by something inarticulate as 'you know, those shirts that turned blue when you got sweaty?'. Thank you for remembering the actual name. And I join Airam on saying good luck on the date tonight!!

Anonymous said...

I am bad about putting my laundry away too... and Cosmo is SOOO cute!!!!

Hope tonight is a blast! :)

The Egg said...

What a cute kitty! I'm reunited with my furry pals. I've missed them terribly.
Great answers! I have to do this list. I've seen it on a few blogs. 10 yrs ago this summer I would be..studying?! A never-ending journey.

brandy said...

Oh and string cheese? Dude. If I wasn't your facebook friend already, knowing you appreciate string cheese would defintely make me want to be now. That stuff is so addicting! Good stuff here.

appletini said...

Cosmo is sooo adorable!!!! :)

egan said...

The Police song you listed is a really tough one to master. I mean there are heaps of words in that song and I don't think anything repeats. Well chosen. Sting is talent!

I'm currently working my laundry which is why I'm commenting so late. I put it off until the very last minute. Do I have to work tomorrow? Great list Brookem.

2xA+r0n said...

And thus begins a blog full of kitty pics!

Ryane said...

Wow, that kitten is too cute. And PS: Tag! I tagged you..go and see!!

brookem said...

arm- have i told you how great it is to have you back?! i missed you. i love that you went to a smoke shop for your hemp. i did the same thing. weekly. oh my god, i love tabouli (and don't know if im spelling it right or not!). i love it. my dad is part syrian too, but our family never has that stuff.
i don't know what i was thinking with the tee shirts back in the day. but i thought i was SO cool. ha, you bet your ass i took my school picture in that HOT vest outfit. 6th grade i do believe.

bre- he totally rocks the keyboard!

brandy- you can count on me for those old school references. does that make me a big dork? so be it. thanks for the well wishes on the date. i owe you an email and will update you.

desiree- laundy just sucks doesn't it? right now, im thinking of the pile i have at the end of my bed. it's daunting.

the egg- i'm glad you are reunited with your furry friends!

brandy- im so happy to hear you love string cheese as much as me. it's a daily staple in my life. facebookers unite!

appletini- he's a gem, for sure. thank you!

egan- i have a good memory, you know this. i love police/sting. im jealous of the other bloggers that i have heard are going to see him on tour this summer.
laundry sucks.

aaron- perhaps. meow.

ryane- thank you! i'll go check it out.

B said...

cheetos! my kindda girl:)

cosmo is adorable

The Exception said...

That is a cute cat!!

I am so hoping that the colors of the 80's don't return in full force. I lived through it once and would prefer not to do it again.

Sizzle said...

how cute! wait until cosmo grows into this head. ;)

undercover celebrity said...

cutest little kitten.

...and as if I needed more reasons to love you... Stone Temple Pilots just earned you major bonus points :)

Ally said...

So do you know the Jon Secada song in Spanish too? I think I almost do!

brookem said...

b- cheetos are my downfall. i love them.

the exception- i know what you're saying re: 80's colors. pink! and teal! kind of wild combos together, i do agree. been there, done that.

sizzle- thanks for stopping by! he does have a big head/ears!

undercover celeb- thank you. and STP just rock, don't they?

ally- haha! i dont think so quite yet. ill get on that one.

egan said...

Yes, you have a very very good memory. This I know.

Alex said...

Cosmo is so cute!!!!

The Diva's Thoughts said...

That cat is tooooo cute!!

brookem said...

egan- i knew you knew that. hope you're enjoying your swim. three strokes!

alex- thank you so much! you post pictures of your little girl, i post pictures of my kitty. ha!

the diva's thoughts- thank you lady!

JustRun said...

Ah, we share many a bad habit.

Cute kitten!

angel, jr. said...

Yum, now I'm craving hummus!!

And my favorite toys are my iPods and digital camera too. Although I really should start posting pictures.

K.I.D. said...

John Secada? Effing awesome...I totally forgot he existe. Thanks for reminding me!

Airam said...

I loved Jon Secada!!!

brookem said...

justrun- thank you for the kitty compliment! im happy to hear you enjoy some of the same treats!

angel jr- yes, i vote you start posting pictures.

kid- no problem! he's totally swell.

airam- are you talking past tense? you don't still, love him? come on.

radioactive girl said...

"Invest? Because it seems like the right thing to do?" cracked me up because I feel the same way. It is as though I am just pretending at this adult thing sometimes!

Cosmo is adorable!

Hope your date is/was awesome!

Chris said...

While I read a number of blogs, I don't always read every response to posts - except for yours and Egan's blog where often the comments are as entertaining and interesting as the posts. I'mglad I stopped by...

Cosmo....MEOW!!! from Oliver

ruby said...

I'm with you on the never wearing those again, except number two but only because I have no idea what it is. The rest would all make my list.

Beth said...

Cosmo is so cute! I'm so glad you have him!

I think I had one of those vests. I wore it with tight-rolled jeans, and bright blue eyeshadow all the way up my eyebrow. Man, my mother must have been so proud.

brookem said...

radioactive girl- seriously, i need some training on the investing thing. i know i should be doing such a thing, im just a spec clueless. i should blog about the date, maybe. it was good!, and another one is in the works. thanks for asking! :)

chris- im so glad you find some amusement in the comments as well. and send oliver my (and cosmo's) best. purrrr.

rubes-you don't know what double denim is? just means wearing jeans AND a jean jacket. really, a hot look if i do say so myself.

beth- oh right on about the pegged jeans. it was my daily staple of an outfit. that and a snap bracelet.

Beth said...

Oh, the snap bracelet! I had forgotten about those. They banned us from wearing them in school so the snap bracelet became my first piece of going-out jewelry. I was a very classy twelve-year old!

Trixie said...

eek... i had one of those said vests. it was black with black polka dots on front and silky on back and it tied too! yikes, what was i thinking in high school... :)

Ditto on the double denim!

egan said...

I didn't coerce Chris to type that comment. I swear. Meow from Seattle.

brookem said...

beth- did you have the pink zebra striped one? that was my fave.

trixie- i used to have an LA Gear matching jean jacket and jeans. wow, did i just admit that?

egan- it's MY pleasure to be in the likes of your company in chris' eyes. meow from mass.

egan said...

I think you owe us an update on Mr. Friday.

brookem said...

egan- so thoughtful of you to ask. no update until after this coming friday, with Mr. Friday.

egan said...

Brookem, this only leads me to assume what happened with him. I will not fill in the blanks here because that could be considered rude and perhaps a spec unwelcome. But Mr. Friday has been haunting my dreams.

brookem said...

egan- you may assume all you want. i don't kiss and tell. actually, that's a bold faced lie. obviously.

ARM said...

I can't wait until the update for this coming Friday!!! I love that you call him Mr. Friday. That rules.

egan said...

Yes, I must hear all about Mr. Friday. Rumor has it he's got a great head of hair and has funky dance moves.

brookem said...

arm- i will try and give a recap sometime over the weekend. let's hope the guy can step up and give a little better phone though.

egan- how did you know? we did bust out the electric slide by the beach on sunday but i didn't think anyone really noticed. also, when he showed me his breakdancing moves, i thought it was only me who saw. his hair on the other hand...

egan said...

Do you suppose he crops his pubes?

brookem said...

egan- let me call him up right now and see how he responds to that question.

egan said...

I triple dog dare you.

brookem said...

egan- Mr. Friday say's everything is in check. woot! woot!

Clare said...

Oh Cosmo is sooo cute :).

egan said...

So how was Mr. Tuesday?

brookem said...

clare- thank you lady!

egan- Mr. Tuesday, we can call him Sam, was just swell. Thanks for asking!

liv said...

oh, you're like the freshman little sister I never had... and I too rocked the wool sweater, but I was so morbid and emo before there was emo that it was a dead uncle's LL Bean cardy. and you're a Taurus. like me. hugs. thanks for stopping by my little site. :)

brookem said...

liv- thanks for stopping by back! the emo thing made me laugh. looking forward to reading more of you!