Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patty's Day

I'm Irish and I love this day. Taken from City Wendy, here are some of the cool things I like about St. Patrick's Day:

-An excuse to drink during the day (as if I needed a holiday to do that)
-Because I love kelly green, and any green really
-And why not drink Irish car bombs?
-Or drink Guiness, even though it's really not my favorite, I will do so with a smile today
-I've learned that they really don't wear anything under those kilts
-Bag pipes, Danny Boy, and the Irish Blessing
-Today, maybe I really will have the luck of the Irish
-Green beer
-My nails, painted green today, and today only
-And the green eye liner and shadow that I will bust out today and people will feel is so appropriate, when any other day they just wonder, "is she wearing green eye makeup?"
-Because I am Irish, the phrase does apply to me, so come on...Kiss Me already
-Being with friends, and family, celebrating being Irish, even if they aren't at all.

Happy St. Patty's Day!


brandy said...

I have learned I can stomach bad breakups, personal loss and Saw the movie, but I've yet to be able to stomach an Irish Car bomb. The word that immediately comes to mind right after I do one? "Curdle". Because I always believe I can feel it happening in my stomach. But tonight, I will try another one and hope for the best! Happy St. Pat's!

brookem said...

i totally know what you mean. just have several shots beforehand and nothing will matter. :)

Tom said...

does the green beer.... stain clothing??? I think it would... gotta be careful on the consuption of this beverage, I'm sure.

St Patty's Day over-drinking hasn't been a factor for me since 2001. it's been 6 "urp-free" years, and I plan to keep the streak alive!

brookem said...

tom- no spills yesterday! :) by "urp-free" do you mean you no longer drink? sorry, im slow.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you for sticking to your roots and making the Irish proud! Culture is important! :)

m said...

Yay Irish!

Aaron said...

Guinness is my beer of choice, holiday or not. Great excuse to get friends to stock my fridge with beer they won't drink, though. :P

PeeJ said...

I think my stock answer on friday as to why we were celebrating St Paddy's Day so hard was "Look, deep down...EVERYONE'S irish!"

So true. Sounds like you had an ace time. Green fingernails too, superb!

Guinness is great (even though I don't drink it any more) but take a tip from me, make sure if you are staying with friends who have been on the blackstuff all night, that you are the first in the bathroom in the morning :) EW!


e.b. said...

Hope you had a nice weekend.

Mone said...

I have never seen green beer. Happy St. Pattys day!!

Trixie said...

awesome list!

i hope you had a wonderful st. paddy's day. :)