Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Secret

I'm reading this book; Oprah loves it so it, so naturally I hold it in high regard as well. It's a best seller and sold out everywhere, and my father sent it to me two weeks ago. When he asked me last week if I had started reading it yet I told him how I was finishing up with something else and would get to it soon.

I should have gotten to it sooner.

The book is everything positive that it claims to be. It's all about the law of attraction, positive thinking, all that jazz. You know, envisioning what you want (the perfect man), picturing yourself actually having it (not sleeping in the middle of the bed anymore), and then being ready to receive it (because the book guarantees it will happen).

I'm all for positive thinking. I think there is so much to be said for it. I once dated a guy who was pretty much the definition of the glass half empty. Everything was woe is him. His job. His apartment. His mother. His body. His finances. Cry me a freaking river. And I felt bad, I did. And I would try to cheer him up. "Look on the bright side of things," I'd say, all of the time. Telling him if he thought more positively about things, more good would happen in his life. ("Get a freaking grip," was what I often thought.) But I was supportive. In the best most tolerable way you can be with someone who is a downer so.much.of.the.time. Man, it takes a toll dating someone like that. He comes to mind as I've been reading this book. I think it would do him wonders.

It talks about the idea that when you think a thought, you are attracting similar thoughts to you. So if you say, "I'll never meet a good guy," you are in essence, attracting not meeting good guys to you. You'll then end up meeting losers, because that's all your focus is on- how you keep meeting losers. The author talks about how your thoughts become things. Using examples such as imagining you are going to get a good parking spot, picturing yourself in the spot, and then it actually happening. The Law of Attraction.

Being a pretty positive thinker myself, a lot of the ideas in this book I already kind of knew about. I'm kind of a self help book fiend, so many of the ideas have been touched upon in other stuff I have read.

Nevertheless, it's a good book and I recommend it. Who can't go for a little positivity in their lives?


k.r.i.s.t.e.n. said...

hm, i should check that out. i def do agree with positive thinking. it's why people always say you'll find someone (to date) when you're not looking for it. at a bar or someplace, i think people could tell when you're feeling bad about yourself just by how you interact with who you're with.

B said...


I liked it- I have a link on my blog related to the post I did on the book, to watch the secret ( movie) free if you are interested. some people are not buying the whole law of attraction thing but I thought it was positive in it's message which is always a good thing in my book.

Trixie said...

ooh your post came in time. i've seen the buzz on this book and was contemplating on buying it.

the premise sounds interesting and i'm all about positive thinking.

i'll check it out at borders tomorrow!

brandy said...

I watched the movie. I liked what it said but I ended up expecting more. I think it's just because there was so much hype around it all. But I do think anything that promotes positive thinking is a good idea and the law of attraction just really makes sense if you think about. Mother Teresa did have it right when she said she wasn't anti-war, she was just pro-peace!

LaLa said...

Did you see the lady on Oprah recently, who is using The Secret to will her breast cancer away? I think that's a bit much. Other than that, I think the message itself is great. A little positivity never hurt no one.

PeeJ said...

Amen to that line of thinking. There are enough moany old goats in the world, it's nice when we happen across someone who comes across like they've had prozac lightly dusted on their cornflakes.


e.b. said...

A co-worker was just talking about it and used it to reference a good parking spot. But I am definitely more intrigued now, as I am one to look at the negative too.

Anonymous said...

I've heard of it and anything that increasing positivity is a great thing! Yay positive!

Accidentally Me said...

I am all for positive thinking, it can really effect your overall feeling and your health. But I also think that there are times when it gets really misinterpreted.

And I don't think it can be used as a substitute for hard work and ambition. You can wish for a propmotion and envision it, but it also helps if you do good work and impress your boss

Carrie said...

It's a great book - one of the contributing writers has his own website - Totally Unique Thought, or - it's really cool. I subscribe to the Monday Morning Motivators or whatever it is called now.

(PS I don't work for them haha. I just really like it!)

Airam said...

I'll definitely have to pick it up! I just bought a book called "Stumbling on Happiness". I've just started it so can't really rate it yet ... however I can say that I love the author's style of writing.

Thanks for the tip!

Brrrr said...

A girl I work with talks about the movie version of "The Secret" all the time. In fact, she's talked about it so much that our HR lady is now organizing a noon hour viewing of it. I'm all for positive thinking but I'm also for hard work and rewards. So I'm interested in seeing if this movie/book affects me like it has others.

Mel said...

Someone was just telling me about that book the other day!

My equivilant to that is Tao Te Ching. I have quotes from it posted all over my cubicle.

I want to read that...I hear it is a dvd as well.