Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I Am From

I am from Maine, and am often called a maniac
I am from two parents who think I'm pretty damn special (read: an only child)
I am from the 80's
I am from a full kitchen, clean clothes, and a warm bed
I'm from big hair, stone washed jeans, scrunchies, leg warmers, and snap bracelets
I am from family cookouts, Irish bread, American Chop Suey and boiled dinners
I am from a cottage at the beach
I'm from Fourth of July cookouts, and shopping at Trading Posts
I am from the Friday Night Lineup/TGIF of Full House, Family Matters, Boy Meets World, and Step by Step
I am from carefree summers, life guarding by a pool
I am from four grandparents, all still alive today
I am from the school of thought that kids should eat their veggies and drink milk with dinner
I am from please and thank you
I'm from a swing set in the backyard, not the fancy kind, and my childhood bike that was stolen
I am from tea and Manhattans
I am from games of Go Fish, Solitaire, War, and Poker
I'm from The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy
I am from uniforms until grade six, nuns too
I am from baking, and Christmas carols
I am from an Irish family, compassion for others, and corn beef
I am from setting the table, sharing, and a canopy bed
I'm from any excuse to celebrate, birthday parties for pets, and leaf raking parties included
I am from skin that freckles within five minutes of sun exposure, and burns hell of a lot too
I am from permed hair, and overly hair sprayed bangs
I'm from biting my lips, eating when stressed, and hiding m&m's in my pockets
I am from a long line of worriers, and I'm pretty bad
I am from a Catholic college, and beer pong in the quad
I am from my mother, my best friend, who I tell everything
I'm from my dad who I share the same hands and feet with, whose little girl I will always be
I am from homemade apple pies, make-your-own Sundays, and homemade chocolate chip cookies, from scratch
I'm from a childhood that's had more ups than downs, more good times than bad, more laughs than tears, that's made me who I am today.


brandy said...

Other than the Maine bit (I like the 'maniac' line) and being an only child we have a LOT in common. I miss playing cards games, and canopy beds... I don't miss stonewashed jeans. (fyi, the lockup jeans came in a stonewash style. I seriously think I'm going to need to send you pictures of them. They were so ridiculous)

brookem said...

i may just need that picture afterall. i am going to an 80's party this weekend. watch out!

Bre said...

Oh man do I miss TGIF!!

Airam said...

I'm from Friday Night Lineup too!!! Man does that ever bring back memories! And how lucky are you to still have all of your grandparents!

jeorg said...

and is there going to be a follow-up with "i am in"???

Anonymous said...

you are pretty cool. :)

Adam said...

You've totally forgot about "Dinosaurs" in TGIF (and the horribly annoying "not the mama" baby).

I just read that... and apparently the guy that did the Baby's voice, also did Elmo's voice.

appletini said...

AWWW! I loved this :)

MrWriteNow said...

I am from a background that appreciates everything you said in this post.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Gotta love the 80's ad the scruncies - my God if I had never seen that Sex & The City episode about tehm I would probably still be wearing them...

brookem said...

bre- me toooo! damnit to hell, why are all those shows gone now?

airam- i loved that friday night lineup. sometimes you can still catch a few full houses here and there. and saved by the bell is on in the morning, although that wasn't part of the lineup, it is still a damn good show.
and yes, i am so very fortunate to have them all in my life!

jeorg- i am in... hmm. ill have to work on that.

kate- why thank you lady!

adam- that's right!!!! i loved that damn show. who woulda thunk he did elmo too?! he's a legend!

appletini- thank you! and your name is making me crave a cocktail right now. and it's 9:27am.

MWN- thank you!

princess- totally loved that episode, ha!

The Exception said...

This was fun to read. I am of the age where the line up was on Thursday nights; they just don't amek comedy like that anymore!

Trixie said...

I love the one about your Mom being your best friend and about you being from your dad with the same hands and feet and who will always be his little girl.

I wore uniforms too until 7th grade -- cath all girls school with nuns.

egan said...

I am learning more about you with every post.

I share many of these things in common with you, minus the Catholic stuff. Was it odd to wear uniforms?

brookem said...

the exception- thanks for stopping by over here! :)

trixie- yes, the nuns!

egan- not wicked odd. kinda good in a way, really. i didn't need to plan (obsess) over what to wear each day. i'd spruce it up with a hot scrunchie or headband or something.

Beth said...

I had forgotten about TGIF-I loved that! One of my favorites was Perfect Strangers. Not really sure why, but I loved that show.

e.b. said...

I love that is maniac's - I thought ours was good as residents of Tampa are called Tampons

egan said...

That makes sense and is a huge benefit. I like the part about more ups than downs too.

brookem said...

beth- i totally loved that show too, and forgot all about it! balki and larry! damn straight.

eb- wow. ha, that's a good one. but rough in a way as well. ;)

egan- thank you fellow fourther.

ruby said...

Super cute! I Love it! So lucky you have all your grandparents, hope you have them for years and years! TGIF was awesome! I still have scrunchies...

Get Trished said...

Totally had the swing set that would tip over if you went to high...

Anonymous said...

Full House was the best!!!

See... these are the lists I was talking about that are so telling of who you are!!! Great post.

allbilly said...

That was a great post.

I am from Longview, Texas

brookem said...

get trished- ha, but those are the best. the classic kind.

desiree- totally!

allbilly- hi! thanks for stopping by from texas.

brooke alexandra said...

I LOVE THIS!!! I just might steal it. AND snap braclets...WOW! We would have definitely been friends growing up.

PeeJ said...

What an ace list. I loved the "Maine-iac" thing too.

Every single "I am" was so beautifully thought out and touching.


brookem said...

brooke- i double dog dare you.

peej- thank you:)

undercover celebrity said...

you had a canopy bed?! Man, I would have been jealous of you as a kid :)

brookem said...

undercover- you're damn right i did! a yellow one!

Joy said...

I'll keep saying it, a Brooke after my own heart.