Friday, May 25, 2007


perpetually forgetting if my straightener is turned off
the heart tattoo on my foot that I share with two of my best friends
how I drink milk with everything. pizza, beer, and milk (don't hate).
my propensity to attract men of middle eastern/brazilian decent, particularly who work at dunkin donuts
being known as the girl who will always have the camera
never being able to remember a joke, no matter how hard I laughed or how many times I've heard it
my affinity for men with a good head of hair, and layered clothing. oh, and those that are somewhat musically inclined. and that wear appropriate shoes.
the way I bite my lower lip when I'm nervous
how I prefer shades of blues, bright ones
needing to talk to my mom once a day
how a baby can always brighten my mood. the tops of their heads, and their smell especially.
my need for spontaneity in any type of relationship
my nose ring from junior year of college
jil sander sun as my signature scent (damn that it's discontinued!)
the color fuchsia/muavish & deep pinks
my ability to dish out relationship advice yet still end up constantly questioning my own love life
having to burn a candle and have nice lighting after a hard day
being the "planner" or "starter" of the group
my tendency to favor names with a hard "c" or "k" sound—connor, mkenzie, coley, kirk, kaylee
how I never remember to bring my contact case with me anywhere and therefore have to use makeshift devices for storage. = shot glasses.
always needing lipgloss, and a pen on my person
opting to sit to someone's left. particularly in movie theaters. I turn right.
how I'm prone to sneeze at the sun, and how my blue eyes crave sunglasses always. even in snow. especially around snow.
mixing ½ gatorade, ½ water
how I love greeting cards
swimming, life guarding, swim lessons, and how the water is so me
my aversion to most things seafood related. even though I'm from new england.
my weakness for a good bag of salty frito's, men in uniform. firemen I think especially. okay and cops.
how completely unacceptable and unattractive I find chipping nail polish


e.b. said...

I don't hate but the milk made me gag just a little bit. But foodwise I am 100% with you on the seafood and I am from Florida! I get the but..but..but about that all the time.

Thomas said...

We should have a contest to see who can out-quirky the other.

brookem said...

eb- ha, i dont often combo them, but it's been known to happen. i know you hate milk. i just cant do without. freakin seafood. although i do like some, not much can do it for me.

thomas- you're on.

Bre said...

We're hyper Irish in this house - we drink beer more than milk! haha!

And I'm with you on men in appropriate shoes - me-ow!

ARM said...

I love milk with Italian food. I'm not sure why, but a nice cold glass of milk just always sounds good when I'm having some lasagna! As long as you don't share your milk, though. That freaks me out when people share milk.

I can relate to a lot of your quirks. I don't want to say "I do that, too!", but on some of them I found myself nodding in agreement and thinking "yup, that sounds familiar..."

Have a great weekend!

brookem said...

bre- oh i get my fair share of brewskis in! us irish girls need to stick together.

arm- there's no sharing my milk. it's gone in about 5 seconds! happy weekend to you too, new friend.

egan said...

I'm really beginning to think you might be a long lost sibling of mine. Proof: dislike of seafood, love for sugar cereals, backstroker, Brazilians, the blue eyes sunglasses thing, and jokes. There are others, but yeah. Nice list Brookem. Do you still have the nose ring?

brookem said...

egan- i'd like to hear your brazilian story one day please. we probably are long lost siblings. you bet your ass i still have the nose ring. add that to file.

Anonymous said...

i love these things! and yours are always so great.

egan said...

I have noted the nose ring in my file. Trust me, the file is growing each day. I will have to be really drunk to tell you about the brazilian. Hmmm.

Carrie said...

OOh - foot tats! Did it hurt? I am seriously considering getting 2...

LOVE your quirks. I've got some similar ones myself...

brandy said...

I know I've mentioned it before, but man i love knowing I'm not the only milk whore out there. There's even been a few times i've chosen milk over vodka. THAT'S how much I love it. As for the seafood thing, I right there with you, I'd rather have anything else!

B said...

that's cute that you and your friends share the same tattoo

great post

M said...

I can never remember jokes either - plus when I do, I'm just the worst joke teller in history and totally frig up the punch line, every time!

LOVE milk!

jeorg said...

i totally agree with the nail polish. i redo my toes so often in the summer just so they look good.

fabulous quirks!

brookem said...

kate- thanks lady!

egan- no nose ring for you huh? ill get the brazilian story out of you one of these days.

carrie- yup, hurt. but i love it. totally worth it!

brandy- we're whores together! woot woot!

b- yeah we like to bust out pictures of it constantly. thank you!

m- SAME thing happens to me. and im such a dork about it too.
love that you love milk.

Airam said...

my propensity to attract men of middle eastern/brazilian decent, particularly who work at dunkin donuts

I've been mistaken as Persian and Mexican ... I remember once at university I was talking with a girl who was persian and a guy came up to her and started talking to me in their language (not sure which it was ... urdu maybe) and smiling at me. I just dumbly stared at him and waited for my friend to explaing I wasn't Persian.

how I'm prone to sneeze at the sun

Me too!! Every single time I step outside!

Rambler said...

Oh man I hate milk so much, except for when it has chocolate in it, its more like the likeness for chocolate winning over hatred for milk :)

BTW what is this thing with women and men in uniforms, is it like a girl thing which we can never understand? :)

brookem said...

airam- ha, good one about the persian guy. the sun thing really gets to me.

rambler- i heart chocolate milk.

oh and it's the handcuffs. the hose. the big trucks. the authority.
okay im getting out of hand.

Chris said...

Beer and milk - that's rough.
I wish I was as good at taking my own advice.
The gatorade, water mixture is pretty odd but if it make you happy...
Men in uniform are oftem the least loyal to the ones they are closest to.

brookem said...

chris- im weird with the milk thing. and i just like to water down the gatorade a bit so it's not so... strong? i hear that about some of the uniformed men. i think it's a bit of a generalization but ive heard it more than once.

The Egg said...

I love quirks. They're what make us special, even if others think otherwise..