Wednesday, May 30, 2007

renewing this lease

So tomorrow night is the presentation to the class on blogging. And seriously, lest it seem I've got things under control at this here blog, understanding what's what, throwing up pictures here and there, whipping out a new "profile picture," let me just clarify. I do not. Understand the whole blogging thing fully. I don't get by easy on here. I can post and sometimes even figure out tags!, but really? look at these digs in comparison of some of the new layouts on the block.

The thing is, I don't really care. (I mean about my own "look" changing. I just love all your looks. Seriously. Very trendy and hip.) But about mine. I'm all set. I probably won't change my layout, or server? (is that what it'd be called if I switched to typepad or something?), anytime soon. I'm all for embracing change but dear lord. Not happening with this puppy anytime soon. I mean seriously I just renewed my lease in my apartment another year and that's really all the moving talk I can handle. And even that wasn't a move move. It was an agreement to stay put. Which is what I'm going to be doing here. With blogger. For quite some more time, heat and hot water not included.

So I haven't compiled any handouts like suggested. A one pager with definitions and sites and how to's. But I'll do my best to bust out, to a group of wonderful writers and now new friends, what exactly my idea of a blog is (these poor people!), and how really, this stuff is where it's at.

It went just fine tonight. I talked about blogger (represent!), and typepad. Wordpress and Indiebloggers and even livejournal?! (Does anyone really use that anymore?) They just asked a couple questions. "Is this the same as myspace?" and "What if someone steals your work and tries to publish it?" All in all it went well. And thank you blogbuds/studs for your good luck wishes!


Anonymous said...

An agreement to stay put huh... that is BIG.. seriously. That sort of thing (commiting to stay put in any sort of way) can make me want to break out in hives.

p.s. No need to move or revamp the blog - it is sweet the way it is! ;)

brandy said...

Good luck with the presentation. I have a feeling you will do a great job. And, as I've often yelled at the top of my lungs, "my feelings are always right".

appletini said...

I'm sure that you will do GREAT!!! I love the way that you write :)

ChickyBabe said...

A presentation on blogging, I'd love to do that! Good luck with it, I'm sure it will be a lot of fun!

Double-A said...

So which of our blogs get showcased in your presentation? :D

brookem said...

desiree- oh i know. doing the whole real life lease thing gave me a bit of the feeling last night. so i had to stay here. no moving around!

brandy- well people are allowed to bring wine to class tonight. although we're "supposed" to wait until the end to partake. i hope your feeling is right though!

appletini- i hope so! and thank you!

chickybabe- meet me around 7? thank you for stopping by! like your name btw.

double a- ha, not mine, that's for sure. im not going to share anyone's. really, does the class want to read about my speed dating adventures and shoe obsession?

Bre said...

Good luck! You'll have to let us all know how it goes!

Brrrr said...

i've been thinking about switching too but it just seems like a lot of work right now. good luck with your presentation!

Carrie said...

It IS a huge commitment to stay or go... I was just having too much difficulties with blogger, partly because I am technologically numb, to stay. So long as you're happy with blogger then I say stay!

Best of luck with the presentation tonight!!!

radioactive girl said...

I am horrible at committing to anything, so it is always funny to me that I am married, with 4 kids and a house. All the things I swore I would never have. I totally "get" what you are saying about deciding to stay where you are being enough of a committment for you right now.

Good luck with the presentation! Sounds like it might be fun!

B said...

your blog is great!

When I first started blogging a year ago, it took me over an hour to do 1 simple posting- I had no idea what I was doing- you learn as you go. personally I think blogger is great it's what you do with it!

have fun with the presentation!:)

Airam said...

Simplicity is key. I've got ADD when it comes to my blog .... 5 templates in a year and a half!!! That's just messed up!

brooke alexandra said...

You are going to do GREAT! You know what you are talking about and you know what you are doing. Oh, AND your amazing. My blog envies your blog. My blog aspires to be as good as yours...REALLY!
p.s. I want a phone call after your class with a full detailed report on how it went! :)

Beth said...

Good luck with your presentation! You will do great; you have so much to offer to the blogging community!

I'm not so much into looks, either, but that's probably because it takes to much work for me to get a new one!

Congrats on renewing your lease, too!

The Exception said...

Please let us know how it goes. You will do a fabulous job, I am sure.

And your blog is great. But then again, I would enjoy reading what you write where ever you might move (just glad you aren't moving!)

e.b. said...

Break a leg! It should be fun!

It's on the inside that counts right - the rest is just frills and distraction.

ARM said...

I would love to see this presentation! I love it that blogging has become so mainstream no that people can do presentations on them! I think a few months ago I was joking around with Egan about him doing something like that. And here you are doing one! I think you'll be awesome at it, though, and can't wait to hear how it went!

Anyway, I like your layout here (green is one of my favorite colours)! And if you're happy with it, then that's all that matters!

And now the Beck song is stuck in my head with your last sentence. "I got two turn tables and a microphone..."

jeorg said...

you'll do great.

egan said...

Ha, Blogger is the shiznit. Well not really, but it's free! You heard that, free! If you switched to Typepad or Wordpress you'd be switching "providers". How cool is that?

You're going to rock that presentation tonight!

egan said...

I expect a complete update tomorrow on your blogging presentation.

Grad School Reject said...

Good luck at the presentation! It sounds very cool. If I had to talk I would focus on how to do as little as possible (like post only once a week). I am also lazy.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I think it's all about what you uwrite on your blog that matters..and yours is awesome...good luck with your presentation!

Airam said...

GSR we need to get you posting some more. And besides ... you promised.


brookem said...

bre- thanks, i will indeed. i have like?, 6 minutes for it all!

brr- too much work. thanks!

carrie- your switch is just fabulous. you're one of the new digs i was referring to.

radioactive girl- you rock!

b- thank you lady!

airam- you're totally wild. and i love it!

brookem said...

brookelyn- look at your all flirting with my blog here. ill call you tonight.

beth- well i dont know about that!, but thank you. kitten lovers unite!

the exception- i'll report in!

eb- that's right!

arm- thank you. is green not the best? i heart beck.

jeorg- thank you.

egan- yes! budget blogging!

gsr- more posting is right. come on! i just found you; don't let me down.

princess- true! thanks:)

egan said...

I was just about to shoot you a crazed email demanding a status update. Good thing I'm literate and patient. You rocked that bad boy. Wow, people don't know the difference between MySpace and normal blogs? Are these "reasonable people"?

ARM said...

I'm with could they not know the difference? I mean come on! The stealing of work question is a good one, though.

I'm glad it went well!

brookem said...

egan- apparently not "reasonable" like us. myspace is totally a different ball game.

arm- i know. i really had nothing for either of those questions.