Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Have you ever started writing something, on a topic you wanted to write about, thought, "oh this a good blog would make!," and yet, when it comes right down to it, it's not making a good blog? The writing is turning out choppy and run-ony. You find you're using too many puns, too much cliché, and the point of what you really wanted to say, is just totally lost. At least it's not evident in your writing. You strive to write evocative things. Like that time you busted out something in your writing class that people gave really good feedback on. You want to write, because it's been days, but you're finding you're hitting backspace more often than not, and highlighting whole sentences and going for delete on contact.
So you end up not writing, on your blog at least, for a day or two, or a few days, sometimes a week. Because whenever you try to write, you get the feeling something is missing. Or maybe that's just how you felt about the last guy you were dating. Things seem confusing and the idea of writing about you being an only child just seems altogether dumb now. So you paint your nails, shop online and buy a new pair of shoes, and come back. To the computer, or your journal. Because sometimes you find when you write not at your computer but at your favorite Barnes and Noble, in your journal, things come easier to you. A different kind of flow there. Especially when you can do some people watching. So you try that, but still, it's all seeming hard and tough and that's not how this writing thing you love so much should feel like.
So you think that maybe you're mind is just a little too full right now. With birthday plans, boy or lack thereof uncertainty, which two Idols will be booted tonight, why it's so freezing in your office, etc. So you decide that perhaps this just isn't happening, not today at least. And you know you can't really force it. Tomorrow is a new day, and it's May now, a good month, so things will happen. More writing will happen soon because it's May, and you like May.


Jessica said...

Loved that one. Ususally I just sit down and write but my last post was literally making me sweat, and it wasn't working and it didn't click, but I just had to put something up.

You always make it look effortless.

brookem said...

jessica- thank you so much. that really means so much.
i liked your last post a lot. and i was thinking YOU my friend are the one who makes things look so easy.

Adam said...

I know all about not being able to write (hence my once per month blogging pattern).

I love how you wrote about not being able to write... the irony is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

i blame everything on my lack of a sex life. lmao.

Chris said...

I've been contemplating which two idols are going all day today and everything, including my writing has suffered. In fact, it's 8:45 and I don't even have an idea for a post yet.

Airam said...

All the time! Especially lately.

brandy said...

I relate! But really, you may be the only gal I know who can write a post about not knowing how to write what you want and make it completely entertaining!

jeorg said...

i like may because it is my birthday month... you will find more to write, how can you not, it is my birthday month.

Jennifer said...

Well, see, all of my posts stink. I think they'll be funny or touching, they were originally meant to do something for the reader. Then something happens and they become mediocre.

I keep forgetting to give you congrats on being published at Indie Bloggers! Way to go!

brookem said...

adam- get blogging more!

kate- that's an angle to look at as well, unfortunately.

chris- so what'd you think?

airam- so it's not just me!

brandy- thank you!

jeorg- mine too! so it has to be a good blogging month.

jennifer- not true at all! i like your posts, a lot. and thank you!

Anonymous said...

Brooke & Jessica: BOTH of you make it look so easy. It's nice to read here in the comments that maybe it's not so easy ALL the time... because sometimes I'll start to blog something and just delete it because it's just not right. And other days I don't give a crap and just post whatever I feel like saying at the moment. Anyway - brooke, thanks for another thought provoking post and for keeping it REAL! ;) Pretentious snobs suck. ;)

egan said...

I really like May and this Friday is very special for you and me.

Interesting comparison between blogging and relationships Brooke.

Chris said...

Assuming you're referring to IDOL, I've been a Melinda fan from day 1 and still maintain that she is light years better than anyone else as bnoth a singer and a performer.

However, after seeing Blake kick up that tune and really show off who he is musically, it wouldn't bother me at all if he won.

I have hated, absolutely hated, Phil from the start. WHile I admit that this last performance was easily his best, overall he is a bad singer and very disturbing to look at. Chris is talented and I suspect will be fine once he settles into his own niche and works from there.

While I think Lakisha has a great voice, she too is disturbing to look at - something with hwer teeth. In fact, I recently heard her referred to as sort of "Shrek" looking-I can see that.

Jordin, at 17, has a great voice but needs to mature and find out who she is as a performer - once she does, if she does, she'll be a superstar.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

SO true so true..althogh your post was awesome

e.b. said...

Um yes, yes I do. I had two going at the same time, deleted them both and then started over with something that was probably the same thing. So yes I totally get it. And then there are times when it flows like water, but you know that too.

brookem said...

desiree- yeah some of the time i just dont give a crap. write whatever. it's when you dont see new posts that im giving too much of a crap and should just say screw it and write.
and thank you:)

egan- one more day! any big plans?

chris- wow, you've given this LOTS of thought! not a big melinda fan. liking blake a lot, and jordan. kinda glad chris is gone.

princess- thank you!

eb- totally. and sometimes i think i should just save the first drafts rather than rushing to delete, because the replacement i go for ends up being the same thing, or sometimes the first is better. oh well! nice to know im not alone!

Trixie said...

I feel that way a lot of times. When I sit down to write -- it will not all come together at once. It's when I'm away from the computer that I'll get a great idea and want to blog it right away.

Your writing is always so natural and honest. :)

Aaron said...

The story of my life. I often have my best works in mind when I'm not near the PC. But I'm equipped with a Crackberry and I've been known to Email my blogs in when I'm in a pinch. :)

Mel said...

I type full blogs and then never post them because they make no sense whatsoever. Personally though...I tend to favor the runonness that comes with real thoughts. Even if people HATE my blog, I LOVE it. I write a lot of things that apparently only I find funny and it makes it enjoyable to go back and read. As much as we write for others...we write for ourselves too. Or I do anyway.

brookem said...

trixie- that happens to me a lot too. i should seriously start carrying around a recorder with me!
thank you:)

aaron- crackberry, ha. don't have one. but my bday is coming up, looking for ideas...?

mel- i agree- as long as we are happy with it, that's all that matters.

egan said...

My wife is throwing a party at our house with about 10-15 friends. It should be nice to hang out with them. That means tonight we get to clean the house. Yeah! Happy pre-birthday.

angel, jr. said...

My posts usually start out one way, but go in different directions. I'm convinced because of my blog writing that I have A.D.D.
Many times I'll come up with a good topic, but by the time I actually sit down to write it, I have forgotten the point I wanted to make.

Melissavina said...

I have written things, posted them, and then an hour later, in the middle of something completely different like making juice, I realize that my post was completely stupid. So I frantically go back and change it to a draft.

I know what you're saying here, lady.

And May is great, isn't it?