Wednesday, June 20, 2007

pawsing for a moment

Today I was in a bit of a funk over a kitten. Over a kitty I didn't get. I saw two sweet little sister kitty's yesterday. Wicked cute and of course I was totally smitten; it doesn't take much. Because I was running in a race after work (training, yo!), I couldn't take said kitten home with me that day. So I was told to call back today because the jerks nice nice people at the shelter cannot hold pets for really interested parties. Well low and behold, both kitties were gone and I was shit out of luck. Which is fine, I know it's just a cat and it's so not the end of the world, but holy hell, I really wanted this little one. And it's just no fun getting your hopes up for something like that, that doesn't end up working out.

It just mustn't have been meant to be. Probably would have been a Cujo kitty or something. I mean, I can only assume that's the reason that kitty didn't work out for me. And there are other kitty's in the sea, I know this. The right one will come along and there's no sense on getting all down and out about it. But I was for a bit today, and felt I had a right to be as I had setup kitty's room (the nursery), with food, water, and toilet (kitty treats to anyone who can guess this reference!). The whole nine. For no such kitty today.

But then I got an email from my dear friend Brooke, which always makes my day. Shortly thereafter, I had a fun chat with three good friends, which made me smile and laugh and worked me out of aforementioned funk.

And then there's Melissa who shared this gem of a video again, which always gets me. Completley hysterical. Pee before watching.

And what really did it, what always helps to make a day such as this better, is the red lipstick. The cakey red lipstick that my roommate and I buy, and don (and keep on hand) in emergencies such as this one. We've been known to bust this out if a cute boy doesn't call back, after a shit day at work, or tonight, when we looked at a kitten-to-be's quarters and there was, no kitten. This lipstick is the classic red cake that you can imagine an older woman donning, who maybe smells a bit mothballish. I don't know this for a fact, but it's a red that should not be worn out of the house. Rather, should be saved for occasions such as this, for a good laugh while one may or may not have been crawling around on the living room floor showing roommate how a kitten might bathe themselves.*

To better luck tomorrow.

*No alcohol was consumed during the red lipstick scene and/or the possible kitten bathing demonstration, which may or may not have really happened.


JustRun said...

Some days, bold makeup and rolling around on the floor in "demonstration" is the only logical thing left.

Also, I need more of this blogging chat network of which you all do so well.

brookem said...

justrun- i am so glad you understand. let's network.

brooke alexandra said...

Agrr, now I wish my email would have been more! It was too short and brief. I'm going to have to start taking my emailing more seriously. Though, I'm glad it brightened your day a bit. You should have time, CALL!
ps."*No alcohol was consumed during the red lipstick scene and/or the possible kitten bathing demonstration, which may or may not have really happened." I LOVED THIS!

brandy said...

Here's hoping the next kitty that you want, YOU GET! Seriously, I suspect that the kitty of your dreams is just around the corner. As for Melissa's video, seriously, that woman is INTENSE. And was that mayo she was putting on the pizza? I just got the shivers. The bad kind.

ARM said...

Holy shit. I have the same red lipstick thing. Not the same brand, of course, but the same thing I do. Not like Steve Buscemi's character on Billy Madison, though. What I'm trying to say here is that the red lipstick thing? I totally get it.

I had a blast today! Im glad that it got you out of your funk!!

And you're going to get a kitten! The perfect little one is out there!

Airam said...

I've yet to find a red lipstick that suits my complexion. I always look so washed out. This is why I stick to neutral tones but I love the way the red looks so my quest for one hasn't ended just yet. Sorry about your kitty. You'll find a cuter one for sure. And he'll (she'll) have a lovely home.

Melissavina said...

I have this same exact lipstick for the same exact purpose... well originally it was required for my Courtney Love costume (Had to write "BITCH" on my arm with it) but it serves me well when a good laugh is necessary.

Thanks for the shout out home girl!

brookem said...

brookelyn- the email was perfect. don't you go worrying about that now. truly, it brightened my day!

brandy- you bet your ass it's mayo. i didn't even include this video in the tally of my quarterly pee-my-pants issues. she is indeed intense and it just cracks me up. im going to watch it again now.
(thank you for the kitty wishes!)

amanda- can i tell you how much i love that you just brought up billy madison? because part of this whole "routine" that roommie and i do, is recline on the couch and reinact this scene (minus the list of people we want to kill)... but you know, you might relate to a "list" of some sort anyway. right?

airam- i hear you. the whole funny thing about this red miss lippy is that it is the exact OPPOSITE of any shade of lipstick roommate and i should be wearing. we totally have the courtney love thing going on and that's why it's pretty classic.

melissavina- i love that we're not the only ones that do this! and the courtney love/bitch thing is great. i often find i relate to her when i don the lipstick too, because i also bruise wicked easily and look like her, on her roughest day.

B said...

regarding the red lipstick- LOL keep it in check girl we have people brought in for that on my ward. careful:)

the kitten- my advice- make your way to the shelter and adopt another- make another kitten/cat lucky to have a great home.

anne said...

I am w/JR on that one...sign my ass up too.

More importantly I have an image of "other kitties in the sea" now and literally they are bobbing their little heads in the sea!

Also love the alcohol disclaimer.

Chris said...

Here's what I wrote about cat shelters after not getting a cat (before I eventually got my cat and was still in search of the cat):

Here's to hoping you get your cat!


undercover celebrity said...

too funny!

As a proud kitten owner myself, I can tell you that you don't want to end up with the wrong one. My little Jackson is a gem, thus inspiring my old roommate to get her own kitten -- so cute and purry -- but Lord help me if that cat didn't pee on things when she got mad. She bought herself a one-way ticket back to the shelter.

Keep looking. And post pictures when you find the right one -- nothing is cuter than a kitten. :)

brookem said...

b- i will do my best to keep it in check, but i cant guarentee anything. when either one of us has a bad day, we both whip out the red lipstick. so there's really no telling how often this could/will happen. we'll try to keep it under control though.
oh, and i do hope to get one from a shelter. that's the plan stan.

anne- because i figured peeople, you know, might think this happened after a cocktail or three. i was thinking the same thing about the kitty's in the sea!

chris- meow back at you. i love what you wrote about the shelters. i agree, you would think that these places would just be more kind and helpful and everything. some of the people there (not all) seem just bitter and unfriendly. NOT the volunteer though, that was working the day that i saw the little gem i was hoping for the other day, and she told me to "pick whichever kitty speaks to my heart." that was encouraging.

undercover celeb- you're so right. i dont want to go rushing into anything and making a rash decision here. thank you for the tip. dont need any kitty's peeing all over the place when/if pissed off.

Beth said...

I am so sorry that you didn't get your kitty. You know how much of a kitten lover I am. But, like everyone else said, the right one will come along. Hmmm...that's what my mom tells me about dating, but anyway. I'm still very excited for you. Your new kitty will have a great home when you get it. And it will be worth the wait. I wish we lived closer so we could have kitty playdates!

radioactive girl said...

I think I may need to get some of that lipstick!

ARM said...

Do you also play that song? "Doo wop, doobie doobie wop...".

Shit, I needs to watch me some Billy Madison!

"Quit looking at me schwaan!"

egan said...

I think the nursery reference refers to our converting the guest bedroom to our nursery, but I could be mistaken. I've been known to assume things are about me when they aren't. Keep up the good fight and you will land just the right cat.

I'm glad you're feeling better. Okay, so no beer was consumed during the lipstick incident, but how about tonight?

The TMNT freak is very cute. I wonder if she has a blog and if I can instant message with her. So hot! Training yo!

ARM said...

I was taking my twice weekly stroll through Stuff on My Cat and saw this and thought of you! I don't know why, but I did!

brookem said...

beth- the idea of a kitty playdate just made me giggle. and get really excited. like dressing the litte kiddy's/kitty's?, up and taking them to the park or something.
funny you should mention the dating thing. i feel as though until i secure a feline friend, my heart will otherwise be occupied.

radioactive girl- you totally should. it does wonders, really.

arm- you bet i do. i need to go watch the movie too. it used to be a weekly staple for me back in highschool.

egan- you did convert your guestroom, huh? the reference may or may not have been about you, a spec. but truth be told, this is the ONLY nursery ill be setting up for a while, so i need to pimp it out.
no beer was consumed during that evening, but yes, last night, there was beer. and more red lipstick. this morning i have a headache. damnit.

arm- i love it! thank you so much for sharing that gem. what a great site, huh?

The Egg said...

Wow. I don't know what to say after watching the Mutant video...I'm really baffled. It reminds of an old obsession with a boy band. But it faded quickly with time (and a reality check!). As for lipstick, I need to find the right shade. For now it's lip balm!

brookem said...

the egg- the video pretty much leaves one speechless. in a good, good way.

egan said...


Michelle said...

that video was hilarious, oh my face still hurts from laughing. I know the kitten feeling, I get it whenever I see furry puppies. I 've been wanting one for so long now!

brookem said...

egan- c-mo!

michelle- it's so hysterical, right? ha!

Katrina said...

I'm glad you dedicated a blog to the red lipstick. It's hard to understand the phenomenon until you try it first hand. Such a good way to wrap up a sucky day/stupid guy, etc. And it's so amusing.