Wednesday, June 06, 2007


If you're not one of us, if you didn't actually make up the word and have been using it since 2003/2004, and to this day, then you probably don't know what skrinker means.

Basically, it's a verb. But I guess it could go noun too. To define it seems somewhat complex, but really it's not. Once you hear what it is and what it's all about you'll get it. And I'd like to see you use it. Implement it in your daily conversation; I dare you. It feels good.

With the recent questions surrounding the term, I figured I'd go straight to the source. I sent out an email recently to the girls, for their take on the definition, and asking them to use an example. Because examples are good, and if we're doing a little tutorial here it makes sense, right?

Definition 1- To me, the word skrinker means to kind of get in something. Move about, play around, tinker with, check out, make. For instance, I skrinker around in my closet for an outfit to wear on Friday. I'm skrinkering up some plans for the weekend. Let's go in the bedroom and skrinker. To me it just kind of takes on its own meaning based on the context it's used in. Noun form I'd probably say… "I made some dinner, but there's only a skrinker of it left so I'd whip something else up too."

Definition 2- ok well...i'd say skrinker is definitely a verb. it has many meanings. the primary meaning is something like 'sneaking around' or 'causing mischief'. like k definitely skrinkers when she's lookin online, or just bein herself. it can also mean to plan. or to put something together, like to organize a party ("we should skrinker some people over") or to make a meal ("i'm trying to skrinker something to eat outta these slim pickins"). i also have used it to mean 'slink' or 'traipse' like when someone enters the room in some notable way. another one is "to look for." like, if someone was digging around in a drawer, you might ask "what are you skrinkerin' over there?"
i really could go on for pages and pages. but i guess those are the main ways i use the word skrinker. it's an excellent word, one i will proudly use, whether my audience knows what the fuck i'm talking about or not.

Definition 3- Here goes nothing:
skrinker: To move about with no apparent direction e.g. "K had nothing to do last weekend, so she just skrinkered around Worcester on Saturday." Also, it could be used to describe a mischievous person, possibly that weird guy at the corner of the bar looking to cause trouble. This would prompt a lean-over to a friend, saying, "Look at that random skrinkerer over there. You can tell he's up to no good." However, it does not have to only describe a person, for example, it can describe ideas. If you have a lot going on, you can be said to "have a lot of different thoughts skrinkering around in your head." In which case, I guess a good synonym would be "meandering."

Definition 4- I thought about what skrinker means (by the way, it ain't in the dictionary from what I can see):It means to mosey around and sometimes do random non describable activities - such as 'skrinkering online' - What? I guess just meaning lookin around and scoping scenes. K always comes to mind when I hear the word skrinker. It reminds me of being a little sneaky/discreet about what you're doing - not in a bad way, just in a silly way. That's how I see it :)

Definition 5- I'm sure the other girls have already covered everything about 'skrinker,' but here's my definition. skrinker: 1. to mosey around without a particular direction or purpose. In the setting of a day when someone doesn't have to do anything, and really doesn't plan on it, that person would be "skrinkering around" usually I think about it in the context of staying in your apt or house in your pj's and watching TV. To skrinker involves minimal movement. That is the main way in which I would think of 'skrinker'; 2. however I would also use it meaning to make something out of minimal resources. Kind of like Magiver, but with a lazy connotation. ex. instead of going out to eat we skrinkered together some dinner. You could also use it referring to an outfit or a cocktail, anything someone would normally want to put effort into making. Those are the two ways I would think of skrinker; however I'm sure it's been used in many more circumstances.

Definition 6- skrink-er \skrĭng'kər\, verb, skrink-ered, skrink-er-ing
1. To wander aimlessly.
2. To maneuver around in a sly manner. You may or may not have a purpose in doing so.
—Related forms
skrink-er-er, noun
skrink-er-ing-ly, adverb
T's the definition of a skrinkerer. A skrinkerer can be good or bad depending on who he/she is. Trina is a good skrinkerer. A bad skrinkerer is someone up to no good (i.e. the smelly drunk guy at the MB bar). A bad skrinkerer is mischievous and can cause annoyance, harm, and/or trouble.
My question is this:
Now that we know what skrinker means, what is a skrink?

And there you have it. Thank you to my wonderful girlfriends for their own takes on the word. Now you blogbuds know a spec more about my title here.

Happy Wednesday!


egan said...

Staking my claim at the top spot before reading this post because I already know the meaning of skrinker. I'm that good.

I skrinked around yesterday while staring at a woman's photo album.

brookem said...

egan- love that usage. good good learner you are!

egan said...

Merci teach!

e.b. said...

THANK YOU! It was killing me - I knew it could not be a real word

jeorg said...

i love it. i especially like it when it has a dodgy meaning to it...

brookem said...

egan- de rein. mwahaha!

eb- but now you can use it, love it, and own it too.

jeorg- yeah, you might guess which definition is mine. im the only one who skrinkers in the bedroom. love that you said dodgy.

Airam said...

I skrinker about instead of doing something worthwhile.

brandy said...

Okay seriously. My competitive nature (and watching you grab first place on a couple blogs today) made me realize I'm never first. So I just checked my google reader before heading out and I'm 7th?? What the hell? That's it. I'm going to get serious about this. I want to be first somewhere. (And that might be the saddest sentence ever typed). As for the actual post, I'm with e.b. in saying thanks for a defintion! I was curious as well..

m said...


nice usage, guys!

B said...

Skrink- makes me think of work, makes me think of psychotic patients, makes me think of injections- I give a good one by the way!

I like skrinkering better- it's sounds kinder:)

ARM said...

A "skrink" is one who "skrinkers". That's my answer to your question.

I love it that you and your girls have this word to use with one another. It's almost like your own special language (not special in the mental sense...ah, you know what I meant). Now I'm going through all of my convos with my BFF to determine if we have any of our own words. I don't think we do.

brookem said...

airam- good usage. me too. all the time.

brandy- it's okay, i was never first until today! you can do it. google reader confuses me.

m- they're quick learners aren't they m?? xoxo SEE YOU SATURDAY.

b- i like your ideas on it!

arm- yes i sometimes feel like back in 5th grade.

radioactive girl said...

I love this! Who knows, if enough of us start using it, maybe it will someday be an actual word.

JustRun said...

As someone who takes great pride in making up words, I must say NICE WORK to you and your girlfriends!

The Exception said...

What a fun word.
I had a feeling that was what it loosely meant, but it is nice to see a definition.

Beth said...

I had really been wondering what skrinkering meant. Thanks for the clueing me in!
Now if you willl excuse me, I am going to skrinker around in my purse for some loose change to buy my breakfast from the vending machine at work.

brookem said...

radioactive girl- damn straight! :)

justrun- thank you! id like to hear some of your words.

the exception- i figured it was about time for a little defining. since it is my blog title and all.

beth- fabulous example! somehow i knew you'd get it.

Bre said...

It's also ridiculously fun to say - which is a big part of its appeal pour moi! :)

brookem said...

bre- it is fun to say isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I like it... had no clue what your blog title meant before... :)

egan said...

Can we combine skrinker with my made up word "heartner" somehow?

ruby said...

Ooooooooooooooh I see I see...*nodding sagely*

I used to have the Elephant Show's theme song going through my head, you know the skinamarinki dinkidink song?

M said...

ha! great post!

brookem said...

desiree- i dont know if it makes much more sense now, but thanks!

egan- sure, we can do that. give me an example.

ruby- yes i know the song! haha.

m- thank you! like your new little picture there. (im not savvy enough to know what this is called? avatar?)

Chris said...

I was skrinkering about the Internet when I skrinkered upon this blog and while skrinkering through skrinkering hearts, I skrinkered upon this post referring to the word skrinker.

Now that I've skrinkered, I need to go back to skrinkering about my job before I skrinker back home to skrinker some more.

brookem said...

chris! look at you! love all the usages. you nailed it buddy. i'm proud.

ChickyBabe said...

Interesting how the posts ends right next to your drink of choice. I need one now... cheers!

brookem said...

chickybabe- looks good right? i had too many of these drinks of choice friday. woa.