Tuesday, January 02, 2007

back to reality

It's time to get back to reality. I've been on a week-long binge of food, alcohol, best friends, lack of sleep, and fun. I can't believe it's all come to an end. And it's back to the grind- 5:30am it will be for the gym, three square meals a day instead of junk, water and milk, fruit and veggies, low key nights, Grey's Anatomy, emails and phonecalls instead of hugs and photo opportunities. Back to early bed times, early mornings, stressful days, statistics at work, walking at lunch, missing people, errands and grocery shopping. Laundry again, homecooked meals instead of restaurants, putting away christmas presents, taking down the tree, all back to normal. It's all over. Now, it's all just a wonderful memory.

Happy 2007. I hope the year brings everyone much love, happiness, and many, many wonderful memories to come.


Ally said...

At least this work week is only four days; I'm not quite ready to return to reality:)

Happy 2007! And happy wishes to you too.

Accidentally Me said...

Happy New Year to you, too!

Answe to your question...Abe & Louie's is on Boylston across from the Prudential Center. Right next to Vox.

brooke alexandra said...

Reality sucks!

e.b. said...

I am struggling through the day and it is already Wednesday. God help next week, a full five days of reality.

livingcontradiction said...

You are a brilliant writer!!!

brookem said...

ally- me neither. Thankfully I have a holiday in a week again, so another 4 day week to look forward to.

accidentally- I will definitely have to check it out! Maybe this weekend since it's supposed to be 60+ degrees around here! Crazy right?

brooke- Damn straight it does, sucks.

e.b.- Yeah, these 5 day work weeks are totally overrated.

livingcontradiction- Thank you so very much. Do you have a site?