Thursday, January 04, 2007

have me

say those words, like that, so sweetly

laugh out loud, like that

be goofy and silly with me, like we do

compliment me, like that, talking about my hair when it's, like that

put your hand on the table, pass me your drink, like that

and look at me, really look at me that way, where i feel like you really get me, like that

write to me, about this and our memories, and what we've done and how you like that

compare, like i do, and say that no one is the same, like that

lie in my arms and seek comfort, you know i will hold you there, like that

and put me in a situation, like this

and just like that, like this, you have me

you always have


k.r.i.s.t.e.n. said...

cool, i like that, i like the rhythm of it

brooke alexandra said...

I enjoyed this one so much.

brookem said...

thanks kristen and brooke-
i'm suddenly feeling a little jerry maguire here- "you had me at hello?"

brooke alexandra said...

There's nothing wrong with "Jerry Maguire" except that Tom Cruise was in it.

copasetic fish said...

god, i know exactly how this feels. what beautiful writing!