Saturday, January 27, 2007

blind dinner date

Tonight I'm going on a date. I haven't been on a real, date, date since... well, since maybe May? and it's not even a real, date, date. It's dinner. And it's with two other couples. And it's kind of a blind dinner, of sorts. I met up with an old friend a couple weeks ago for coffee, and just happen to mention that maybe I'm ready to start dating. and to keep any single men in mind. two days later, she called me about Mr. Dinner Date. He is her boyfriend's college roommate. so after a few emails were exchanged back and forth between said friend and I, I found out that Mr. Dinner Date:
1- Is very, very nice
2- He knows how to "treat a girl"
3- He went to an engineering school, he IS an engineer, which means, he's likely intelligent
4- He's very quiet
5- He's "not drop dead gorgeous"
6- He likes to cook

Because I haven't been on a date, date, in way too long, I figure I need to be open minded. I have, absolutely not a thing to lose here. The only thing that has be a spec leery is #4. I just haven't dated a real quiet guy before. Although, she says I'm the type that will be able to open him up. Really? We exchanged pictures. And he's not bad looking. He looks.... well, nice. And plain. And somewhat attractive, and if he's funny (which I hope to God he is, that's a big, big turn on), then I know I'll be that much more attracted to him.

So, it's dinner for 6 of us, at um 6pm, at her house. I'm meeting him there; I'm bringing the wine. And I may just have a glass or two to get ready for this before I go.

Afterall, it's been a while.


Accidentally Me said...

I'm not sure how I feel about the triple could go both ways. On the hand, it will ease some of the pressure and awkwardness. But, you have to be careful that you don't feel like you are in a fishbowl being observed by four other people. Hopefully, it goes well...let us know!

copasetic fish said...

excellent! hope you have a good evening :-)

Aaron said...

...staying tuned for instlalment number 2! ;)

k.r.i.s.t.e.n. said...

can't wait to hear how it went!!

brooke alexandra said...

I want details as soon as you get home.

perturbed_squirrel_chaser said...

tripple dates...can't say I've ever experienced one...I love the social scene so I think I would trive in one...but ya sounds like a decent guy.

Ally said... you've been on the date was it? That sounds like a potentially relaxed environment in which to see if you're interested in a date-date. I just hope that with all those people there, he managed to not be too quiet.

Ally said...

p.s. I hope he had some wine too--that can help with the whole quiet thing.

e.b. said...

Hope the date and the evening went well.....and of course we all want details.

Joy said...

HOW WAS THE DATE?! Don't keep your fans waiting!