Monday, January 22, 2007


My ipod? Was missing today. Yeah, shit. And I've lost my wallet before, and had to do all that retracing my steps bit, racking my brain for what I did, where I could have put it down, dropped it, or forgotten it. I am unfortunately, all too familiar with that story. It happens to me, with lots of things.... like, my camera's battery charger. I swear, I lose that thing after every time I charge it back up. Or it's my phone charger when I'm about to go away for a weekend. A disk with something important on it, like my updated resume that I need to print. It's my pill, or my contact case. Things I bring with me on overnight excursions, and usually neurotically check to make sure are all packed back up, safe and sound, but then? I can't find them. You would think, that by now, I'd have a "safe place" for all these things, right? No, wrong. Because no place can really be safe, when you consider everywhere safe. My problem is, I have too many special safe spots. I'm constantly putting things neatly into corners of my room, bottom desk drawers, under my bed. So when I lose something, I look around, everywhere, and I can't remember which safe place x or y is this time. And when I lose something like this, I become grouchy and irritable. I frustrate easily, I can be bitchy. I'm skrinkering around everywhere, looking here and there and who the f knows where, and I'm not coming up with what I need. I'm looking in places that should never have been deemed safe to begin with: the victorias secret bag at the end of my bed, my backpack that I haven't used in 6 months. I become a nut when I can't find something that I want, or need.

Right, so today, when I realized it was my beloved ipod as the item of the day, I was really, really going wild. My sweet little ipod. Gabes. (I got this ipod over a year ago. My friend told me I could get it engraved with my name, so I flip it over, and oops- already had a name. Gabes. My father, who bought it for me as a gift, hadn't been told by ebay that my ipod had apparently been previously owned. By Gabes.) I use my Gabes allthetime. At the gym in the morning, in my room getting ready for work, sometimes in my car, in the office- all day long, to fall asleep, and wake up to. I need my Gaves. So finding out, when I got to work today that Gabes wasn't with me? Wicked sucked. I was scared. Freaking. I just could not focus. My only source of music then, was random pickings of cds from the 90's disc gear I keep in my office. We're talking... Natalie Merchant, Craig David , the Cranberries. Clearly, you see the problem here.
Until, I found out, thanks to T who checked for me when she got home, that Gabes was happily sitting on my bed, just waiting my arrival. And this is how it goes. These things, I lose them, time and time again, and always, I swear, they will turn up right in front of my freakin nose. Isn't that always the way?

I'm going to light a candle, get a good book, and ask Gabes for some background Joshua Radin.


e.b. said...

I find sometimes I am smarter than myself and place an object somewhere to insure I remember it is there, it is a really great place to leave it - but then I forget where the hell that was.

I have heard some Josh Radin on the Last Kiss soundtrack. Do you recommend other songs? An album?

Anonymous said...

Its those damn safe places that always screw me up too! Putting things away safely is a sure fire way to make sure I will lose my mind searching for it later on. I misplaced my ipod once...for about 5 hours, it was not a pretty sight. Glad you got your Gabes back!

Ally said...

I misplace my ipod all the time, and then I worry that I left it at work and a janitor will steal it. I seem to go through these phases where I lose things more than normal too.

Oh, and phone chargers are the worst b/c you feel totally disconnected without the ever-present cell phone especially when you're driving somewhere you've never been.

Anyway, I'm obviously feeling this post. I still need to check out Joshua Radin....

brookem said...

Some good Joshua Radin songs to download:
-Don't Look Away
-The Fear You Won't Fall
-Sundrenched World

k.r.i.s.t.e.n. said...

yeah joshua radin :) glad you found your ipod - i totally know how you feel. my mini stopped working and i was freaking out. i couldn't commute without it, so i bought a new one the next day.

lauren. said...

Poor Gabes.
Poor you!

I always hate how you can be looking for something frantically, and once you stop looking, you find it.

Anyways, thank you for stopping by my blog! You're pretty much the first person in the last...year or so? =]

Ally said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I can put my itunes gift card to good use.

Aaron said...

If you need a "safe place" for items, purchase a safe. I really don't understand why most people don't own one.

Now, if you need a "safe place" to leave your items, I can agree with that too. I've painstakenly developed habits on where to set certain items so that I'll know where they could be when they aren't where I expect them.

For instance, everything goes in a certain place when I get home from work and change clothes. If it's not where I expect it to be, then I'm like you -- rumaging around looking for it wherever.

e.b. said...

Thanks for the tips on the music.

brooke alexandra said...

Natalie Merchant...10,000 Maniacs? Dude, nothing wrong with listening to Natalie Merchant.