Thursday, January 25, 2007

five things you don't know already

I was tagged by Joy for this one.

Post five things about yourself that you have never posted about before.

1. I have a graduate degree in Counseling. A specific type. And I got it by doing a five year program in school, where I took graduate courses my senior year of college, and had one additional year, and viola!- I had my degree with only one additional year of school. Not a bad deal, eh?

2. I once fell through a glass display case when I was working as a lifeguard in 1998. I have a big scar on my knee as a result. I hate this story, totally gives me the creeps.

3. I LOVE elderly people. I have a Certificate in Gerontolgy. I think old people are amazing- even cranky ones. I just love them.

4. I'm a little OCD about checking certain things. ie: my hair straightener to make sure it's off, that I have the right lip gloss in my purse, directions, over and over to make sure I've got them right.

5. I once spent a week in a convent. I know, shocking and really, pretty unbelievable. I was on a week long volunteer/mission type program in college. Two people needed to stay in the convent as our living quarters were slim pickings. My friend and I volunteered and it was one of the most memorable experiences ever. I had a blast.

Brooke and Copasetic Fish you're it!


Ally said...

I'm with you about the OCD--for me it's having Aquaphor for my lips at night (and lipstick during the day) and a certain kind of lotion.

And bravo on your graduate degree....sounds like a good deal!

Aaron said...

#2 has all the makings for a great blog story. Spill it!

1 peanut said...

lol. just yesterday I put my son in the car to go to school, and had to go back inside to make sure I had unplugged my straightener.

Accidentally Me said...

"even the cranky ones"...that's funny

Anonymous said...

Through a glass case? OUCH. I'm OCD about the hair straightner too.
I went to convent school when I was a kid, it left me with a terrible case of Catholic guilt and the feeling that I need to say the Hail Mary whenever I do something wrong...I'm not even Catholic.

k.r.i.s.t.e.n. said...

from reading everyone else's comments, it looks like being ocd about things is common. i am totally ocd too about my hair straightener and checking multiple times that i have some kind of lip gloss, my phone and keys

brooke alexandra said...

Um, I want to hear more about this convent. You don't strike me as a convent type of gal. Not that you're a hell heading sinner either. It's just that, convent+you= a really good story.

perturbed_squirrel_chaser said...

I love old people too. Where I worked this summer we would have coffee break and all of the older retired people would come in and it was fascinating just to hear them talk. I got lost in all of the wisdom and stories. It was pretty amazing one of the best experiences of my life.