Monday, April 16, 2007

"Caution, the moving walkway is empty."

I'm sitting in an airport bar, in Chicago. Do you think it counts as visiting Chicago if I'm just in an airport bar? In that case, I could say I've been to Vegas, Atlanta, and a few other places only by airport association. Hmm. I'm drinking Bud Light drafts. I just started a tab. Why not? I have three hours until my flight. I just checked- it's on time. Snow delays are around me, sucks. People seeming irked that their flight is delayed. I'm starting to get a buzz. Hell, I only had some scraps of a nutrigrain bar hours ago. I'm at Miller's Pub. In front of me is the menu, which after more beer actually looks appealing. Chicken fingers. For $8.50? That's a lot, right? For me it is. Four travelers to my right, mother in law is coming in for the weekend, I curled my hair to fly for the day, group of delayed flight passengers are chatting, loud. About American Idol. They think the judges should have some sort of veto over who is voted off. In Sanjaya's case especially, they say. Who curls their hair to fly for the day? Really? I specifically plan comfy. Hair up, glasses, comfy shoes. Maybe she has a shorter flight. When I fly to NY I dress it up a little more. But still, curl my hair? Shit. The two next to me, they're a couple, are comfy. In clothes and in their way. He just leaned over to her, and wrestle hugged her. Cute. And I'm writing about them. Write now.

It doesn't feel like 11:35am. Shit. I woke up at 5:10 today. To my body, my Massachusetts body, it's 12:35pm. It doesn't feel like that either. It feels like it should be dark. Night. I'm several beers in, and this is what happens when you drink during the day. I remember college Saturdays, or Fridays after class getting out, starting drinking. A beer waiting for me by one of my roommates. Our neighbors already being half bombed. That seems so long ago now.

I want to call people. But all of my contact list are working. I just texted the new guy friend of mine. Yeah, I texted, and we all know my thoughts on that. But, I think what I sent, "I'm drinking a beer right now, sucks you're working," was text appropriate.

Oh wow. A really cute old man just ordered a Bloody Mary and a Gin and Tonic. His wife is over in the corner and she's adorable. I need to look away. This will induce tears.

Oh, oh no. The bartender's boyfriend broke his jaw playing hockey. She just said "snaggle tooth." He can't make out. It's been five weeks. I just saw a picture of his zoomed in grill on her Motorola camera phone. Oh, now she wants me to see a video. Wow.

I guess I should wrap this up. Order some app, or something.

And another beer.


Anonymous said...

what a very entertaining post. see all the things you learn while waiting around in the airport.

Anonymous said...

There's a video of him breaking his jaw and you had to watch it? Oh. Um. Well good thing you had a couple beers.

Jennifer said...

I love people watching! This was a fun post!

Ally said...

An airport bar is a perfect place to people watch....unless your layover becomes longer, you get drunk, and then are refused entry on your plane:) Hope you have a good flight!

Mel said...

Have you ever had an occasion where you are staring at people (because they're interesting dammit!) and they wave because the assume they must know you? I am always amusedslashembarassed with myself after that.

Growing up I was taught by my very proper Auntie that ladies always dressed up for plane rides. I only do this when I visit her and even that must come to an end; on my last visit my feet were literally numb after walking around the airport in Vegas for 45 minutes. Shoes can also be my enemy lol

brandy said...

See, when I have time for layovers, I end up getting stared at by creepy people who don't know that sitting across from someone isn't a free pass to just stare at them without reason. (As you might tell, this is a new found pet peeve.) I plan on drinking next time. Not beer, but perhaps gin. It's my new drink of choice!

brandy said...
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Jessica said...

One of my dear friends is moving to Denver, and I'm always thinking these negative thoughts like "I didn't like it much" I always have to remind myself I was only at the airport.

B said...

you seem to be the kind of person that has a good time no matter what- enjoy!

jeorg said...

hehe. yep. nothing better than drinking at an airport. just not too much or they won't let you on the flight.

Trixie said...

hope you had (or having) a wonderful visit right now. the weather is gorgeous here yesterday and today (except Sat where it rained).

people watching at the airport is always entertaining. :)

Airam said...

Have a beer on me.

egan said...

I love the layover blogging idea and the blow by blow of the characters around you. What a fun idea. Get any digits?

Beth said...

I love people watching too. Everyone elses life always seems so interesting!

Aaron said...

I stare back... intently. You know, pull the lets-see-who-will-look-away-first-game. I love doing that when I catch someone staring at me. Makes people REAL nervous, especially in an airport.

I guess that qualifies me as that creepy guy.

Beth said...

I hate to fly so I always stop at the airport bar for a drink or two in order to relax. People watching at the airport is always entertaining!

Adam Phillabaum said...

I effing love airport bars. The reasons are nearly endless:
a) There are always people looking for conversation.
b) said persons usually have a boring life...
c) therefore, I get to talk about myself.
d) I love talking about myself.
e) Sleeping on airplanes is awesome. Falling asleep before takeoff, and waking up when the plane slams onto the runways is priceless
f) actually, it costs about $35.00 in airport-beer.
g) its worth it.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I love to watch people in airports and think up stories about what and where they are going...

brookem said...

kate- thanks! and thanks for stopping by:)

ruby- uh, yeah. ha.

jennifer- it's the best, right?!

ally- ha, is this from personal experience? luckily that didn't happen to me. just a good buzz for a nice little nap.

mel- yes, that has happened! it's a nice idea, your aunt's... i just can't hack it for a long flight like that.

brandy- i lurve me some good gin! yeah, hate the staring thing.

jessica- that doesn't count? i count it. perhaps i need to expand my horizons beyond airport bars...

b- i try!

jeorg- ha, i had just enough for a good snooze.

trixie- it was a blast! went to tahoe sunday. of course i leave and the weather is warm and sunny now, oh well.

airam- done.

egan- thanks! no digits. ha!

beth- i know right? i loooove people watching.

aaron- yup. creepy. you. :)

beth(#2)- i agree.

adam- love (and agree with) your list.

princess- my favorite is to think of their stories. where they're going, why they chose those shoes, etc.

undercover celebrity said...

you are too funny!
Drinking multiple beers by 11:30 am in an airport... what more is there to say?! :)

Reminds me of that Airport show on Bravo -- there's always a belligerently drunk person who they don't let board. ...if that ends up being you, sound like you'd have plenty of fun just hanging out in the airport anyway :)

happy travels

brookem said...

undersover celeb- sounds like a show i need to see! i had a good time in the airport- just enough booze for a good nap to get me into reno feeling refreshed and raring to go!