Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I've been "interviewed" by Brandy.

1. If you suddenly possess an extraordinary talent in one of the arts that you don't currently have, what would you choose?
--Hmm.. maybe musical talent. I love music so much, going to live shows, finding new random bands, etc. I would love if I had a voice that could be taken out of the car or shower.

2. How do you deal with anger?
--Really, I seldom get "angry." Obviously there's those times that I get pissed off, but it usually goes away pretty quick. If something is really bothering me though, I will chew gum. And eat chocolate. Working out always helps too. And I phone a friend. For sure.

3. What is the one accomplishment you are most proud of?
--Probably the fact that I got my Graduate degree at a pretty young age. I had it by the time I was 23. I suppose that's an accomplishment, and one of which I'm most proud.

4. If you could live the life of any fictional character for one day, who would you want to be?
--It sounds cliche, in the whole blogging world to choose this, but I don't care. Carrie Bradshaw. Because look at those shoes! and all the cute outfits! and the MEN! Aidan and Big and Berger. Uh, so yeah. I'd pick her.

5. Why do you blog?
--I started blogging just to actually have more a commitment to writing. A venue of sorts to get my thoughts and observations just out there. A place where I would devote time, regularly to actually pursue a longtime passion of mine. And in the process, I've met some really great people, with similar creative interests which has been really cool. Blogging also helps me to see what the hell I'm trying to do, think, say, etc. Getting it out there in writing often helps me to gain some more perspective on things. And in turn, see other points of view which is also pretty sweet.

If you are interested in participating, here are the rules:
Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me!”
I will respond by e-mailing you five questions. I get to pick them, and you have to answer them all.
You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


Princess Extraordinaire said...

cool to learn more about you!

e.b. said...

Seriosuly these are so fun to read - I feel like we get a glimpse of people that they may not be willing to share at least not like this or all at once.

Ally said...

I just finished my questions from Brandy too. And I so knew you'd choose someone from Sex & the City!! Thanks for sharing.

m said...

i'd like to just add that she had pretty close to a 4.0 with that grad degree, people!!

Beth said...

Carrie Bradshaw would definitley be my pick, too! Although it would also be fun to be Sammantha for awhile... Smith Jerrod. Yum!

Aaron said...

Careful exiting the car, Meg. You don't want the Paparazzi to get any up-skirt photos.

Joe said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. BTW, I LOVE your profile picture!

brandy said...

Good answers! And I love that you chose Carrie Bradshaw. I mean, the shoes are great, but I would pick her for the hair!!

brandy said...

Okay, and seriously, degree at 23?? That's pretty impressive. (I felt it imperative to say something about that instead of you know, just talking about shoes and hair.. sigh.)

egan said...

Carrie Bradshaw, that's a different one but it totally makes sense. She's got quite the shoe collection. She also got to live in Paris for about three days with some Russian guy.

Isn't blogging great?

undercover celebrity said...

TOTALLY agree with you on being Carrie Bradshaw. She doesn't have to go into the office, her work is going out and being social; and yes and yes on the shoes and clothes... but I'm gonna have to stop you at Big. Aiden, yes. Berger, yes. Big, NO. Really? Am I the only one who never got his appeal?

brookem said...

princess- thanks!

eb- i know- because i would hardly think to randomly blog about this stuff.

ally- ha, you know me well!

m- i can always count on you to give me good props. xo

oh my god beth- smith jared, wow. love him.

aaron- you're seriously on a role of making me laugh on a daily basis now.

joe- thank you! i like to think i look like her, ha! no brown hair though.

brandy- oh the hair! i know! and thank you.

egan- that's right, the paris thing! and the parties!, and obviously shoes!, oh and the martinis! and blogging IS great.

undercover celeb- i know, BIG was kind of an ass. it's the damn drama appeal i guess. who knows. i would choose aidan over big though, i think.

Anonymous said...

i'd love a voice that could be taken out of the shower too... it's true that dancers cannot sing.

Melissavina said...

Hey Lady!
I nominated you for an award today.

That's right, you heard me.

An award!

Jennifer said...

I'd totally have picked Carrie, too. I WANT BIG.

Jessica said...

I love your answer to "why do you blog". It's the same for me. By doing this I commit to writing a few times a week, something that makes me feel so much better creatively as well as fills my soul.

Airam said...

Love this post ... and I want to be Carrie Bradshaw too ... if not for the shoes then for Aidan. Ohhh Aidan.

B said...

I was so sad when they cancelled sex and the city, carrie was a great character. In New York they have a sex in the city tour I hope to do that one day how is that for cheesy LOL

Anonymous said...

yeah i never get angry either. so i go to therapy once a week to release my rage. lol.

m said...

yay! good questions! and answers. :) Congrats on the grad degree!

You can interview me if you like. This sounds like fun! :)

brookem said...

desiree- what kind of dancing do you do?

melissivina- why thank you SO much!

jennifer- there is DEFINITELY some appeal there. yup.

jessica- damn straight.

airam- there are so many good things about being her. oh how i'd love for her life for a day.

b- oh i've done the tour. and loved everysecondofit. i wrote about it a while back! so i guess that makes me the queen of cheese?

kate- right on.

m- thank you! and i will.

Chris said...

Okay, I am game - Interview Me!

brookem said...

chris... i need your email address?

Trixie said...

Thanks for sharing and it's so cool to find out more about the blog authors. :)

Ditto on Carrie from SATC.... the shoes, the clothes... and the men (my least favorite tho is Berger -- cannot stand his character). My fave is Mr Big. ;)