Thursday, April 26, 2007

thoughts of my day

this post inspired me to whip up a list of my own...

thoughts that i have had today.

here you have some of the wild stuff that goes on inside my crazy head:
i wish it wasn't going to rain this weekend
i really want some new shoes. like asap.
peep toe pumps specifically.
i wish i was made of money
there are two concerts i want to see
nelly furtado and jt
i have not enough money to afford both, let alone probably one
why is he staring at me?
way too much perfume lady!
you need to shave
would he change his mind now, if i asked to get a kitten?
not having my morning coffee really sucks
why can't i write like her?
i really need a haircut
do brown and grey go together?
i wonder if heidi is still living with spencer...
i wish i had tivo to tape alec baldwin on the view tomorrow
i'll be 25 next week
how come people view evites and don't respond?
i haven't been to one of my favorite martini bars in a while, we're overdue
i want to hangout with david schwimmer
i wouldn't be able to function well, at all, without my ipod gabes.
eb's wishlist that time was really cool.
i wish i had the power to transport myself from one place to another
because i hate traffic.
why hasn't he called?
she's really lucky
this shirt shrunk
i need a mani/pedi combo, thanks
that library book from last year is really overdue, still
im excited for grey's tonight
but im going to miss it.
a simple thank you to my birthday message to him would have been appropriate.
i need to stop picking my nails when i'm nervous. it's really kinda gross.
my skin's dry
i wish i could go to that beer tasting with them tonight that i told them about
i really don't want to stop and get grapes for tonight
i could fall asleep right now. for the night, and it's 6:20pm


brandy said...

Loved, loved, loved this list! And I too am wondering about Heidi and Spencer. I also wonder, how sad is it that he's now her manager? And that she got a boob job now that's she's semi-famous? And did Whitney get the job, or did Super Intern? So many questions...

egan said...

Next week? What day is your bday? Mine is next Friday. Tauruses unite! Perhaps a pube cropping will be more to your liking?

Airam said...

I'm going to see JT in August!!! Can't wait!

egan said...

The JT? Who's taking sexay back now? I think it's Sanjaya. Raise the roof!

k.r.i.s.t.e.n. said...

haha, nice!

appletini said...

Martinis are my favorite! Hence the username : )

dionna said...

Great list. Amen on the mani/pedi and gnawing on nails. I often wonder how it looks to someone when I'm really getting into a fingernail. G-ross.

brookem said...

brandy- thank you. and wicked sad., she didn't show to the thing at mtv the night of the finale because of the boob job!, i wonder about whitney too- i like her.

egan- no way! mine too! may 4th! pube cropping... i saw that mentioned on your blog- did i miss a post? ha.
THE JT. you got it.

airam- LUCKY!!

kristen- thanks for the idea!

appeltini- want to join me at my favorite place for several?

dionna- why do we do THIS?!

Anonymous said...

Okay I just LOVE that you admidtted you could go to sleep at 6:20...I AM SO THERE this week. if only I didn't have roomies and COULD go to sleep that early. (Roomies I love you though). ;)

How do you do the link thing... like how you linked e.b.? I want to learn that!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Great list - buy the JT tickets and have fun!

e.b. said...

I bet that the whole train of thought went through your head in about 3 minutes too. I can see myself listing those things off on my drive home also.

And according to Us Weekly - Heidi and Spencer are still together and there will be another season of LB. Yeah!

Beth said...

Happy early Birthday!

I love this list. I was wondering today why people don't respond to evites!

brookem said...

desiree- you bet your booty i could have been in bed at that time. the link thing is a feature in blogger... it has a little paperclip- click that, linky link and voila! email me for further assistance although my skills do not go far beyond this one little trick in the blogging realm.

princess- thank you, lady! :)

eb- thank the lord. my monday night 10spot will now be complete.

beth- thank you pink lace!

Jennifer said...

I know I'm waaay late commenting, but I'd sure like to go to the beer tasting, too.

Love random thoughts! Love them!

egan said...

You have a birthday this Friday? No way! Get out!

brookem said...

jennifer- i love beer tasting.

egan- totally!

egan said...

Okay, that's so damn cool. We have something else in common now. Woohoo!