Wednesday, April 04, 2007

date weekend

My dad went on three dates last weekend. With two women! He's a quite a stud that guy. Now the secret is out, where I get my sweet dating skills from. Really though, good for him. He's single and has been for quiiite some time. He's a very independent guy, lived on his own for a while after the divorce, does his own thing, on his own time. I would say he's pretty content with the status quo, but he has mentioned how it might be nice to have someone to do things with. You know, a lady-friend. I can't say I blame him. Although one of the dates isn't going to probably have a second meeting, the other one, apparently went quite well. My dad's pretty quiet about these "type of things," not wanting to talk too much about it all, in case of jinxing it. But it seems like drinks at two bars on Saturday, followed by a walk together on Sunday have things seeming off to a promising start.

And lest this turn into a blog about my father's dating escapades, maybe I should touch upon my date from this past weekend. Which I guess I didn't mention ahead of time? Well, it was good. Really good. I haven't had a good date, with a good guy, in, well… in a longlong time. We all know how this dud turned out, and since then there hasn't been much to report in the dating department.

But Friday was very good! I'm totally my father's daughter here, not wanting to say too much, not wanting to jinx anything. But let's just say, I haven't laughed so much on a date in quite a long time (and maybe drank quite so many martinis, but that's besides the point). What a very nice guy he is too. Very down to earth, intelligent, attractive, witty and sarcastic (which earn him ultra bonus points right there), and genuine. I just get that vibe from him, which is good in light of recent events. All in all, I'd rate this one an 8... pushing a 9/10. Not bad, eh?


Carrie said...

Ooh; sounds like a fantastic date!! But that's all I'll say - don't want to jinx by association!!

Airam said...

I hope it works out! I'm the same way ... not wanting to say anything to not jinx it.

Ally said...

Excellent! So will there be another date? And where did you meet the lucky guy?

brookem said...

carrie & airam - haha, thank you!

ally- i believe there will be:) i met him through a friend- so at least i could do a little background check beforehand!

Aaron said...

That's awesome! I tried to do the "lets not talk about it or I'll jinx it" thing, but... well, we see how that worked out. Quite honestly, I believe I'd have to rank the Actress a damn near perfect score. I know that sounds cheesy, but she's a top-notch kinda gal.

brookem said...

aaron- good point. we got a pretty good recap of all of that, and things seem to be going along quite nicely. im happy for ya.

e.b. said...

Hope the dads, the dating and the dating dads go well. I TOTALLY get not wanting to jinx things. When you are ready we are ready to hear about it!

brookem said...

thanks eb!

Anonymous said...

Oh la la! Nice to hear! Can't wait for more details! Have a great long weekend chickie!

brookem said...

ruby- thanks! but no long weekend here; i WISH.

LaLa said...

Great to hear your date went well. Maybe I should adopt your "Don't kiss, don't tell" mentality. Sounds like a plan. :)

brookem said...

thanks lala. i will probably, maybe, eventually, tell. but i dont want to jump the gun and go jinxing anything too soon!

undercover celebrity said...

hi -
thanks for visiting my blog!

I went on a first date last night too -- can't wait to hear if anything comes of yours. Sounds like it was great!

brookem said...

undercover celebrity- thanks for visiting. looking forward to hearing more about yours as well!

Trixie said...

ooooh sounds very promising! ;)

i liked how you described him - genuine. :)

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